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Meta-Analysis of Significance Values


The canonical way to perform meta-analysis involves using effect sizes. When they are not available this package provides a number of methods for meta-analysis of significance values including the methods of Edgington, Fisher, Lancaster, Stouffer, Tippett, and Wilkinson; a number of data-sets to replicate published results; and routines for graphical display.


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Provides a number of ways in which significance levels may be combined in a meta-analysis and includes most ot the methods in \insertCitebecker94;textualmetap. It includes a number of datasets taken from the literature. It also provides a display and an informal graphical test due to Schweder and Spjotvoll \insertCiteschweder82metap and the lowest slope line of Benjamini and Hochberg \insertCitebenjamini00metap. The albatros plot of Harrison et al \insertCiteharrison17metap is also provided.

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The issue of meta-analysis of signficance levels is not completely unconnected with the topic of adjustment for multiple comparisons as in for example p.adjust

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