Man pages for mgcv
Mixed GAM Computation Vehicle with Automatic Smoothness Estimation

anova.gamApproximate hypothesis tests related to GAM fits
bamGeneralized additive models for very large datasets
bam.updateUpdate a strictly additive bam model for new data.
bandcholCholeski decomposition of a band diagonal matrix
BetaGAM beta regression family
blas.thread.testBLAS thread safety
bug.reports.mgcvReporting mgcv bugs.
chol.downDeletion and rank one Cholesky factor update
choose.kBasis dimension choice for smooths
cnormGAM censored normal family for log-normal AFT and Tobit...
columbReduced version of Columbus OH crime data
concurvityGAM concurvity measures
coxphAdditive Cox Proportional Hazard Model
coxphtAdditive Cox proportional hazard models with time varying...
cSplineDesEvaluate cyclic B spline basis
dDetaObtaining derivative w.r.t. linear predictor
dpnormStable evaluation of difference between normal c.d.f.s
exclude.too.farExclude prediction grid points too far from data
extract.lme.covExtract the data covariance matrix from an lme object
factor.smoothFactor smooth interactions in GAMs
family.mgcvDistribution families in mgcv
FFdesLevel 5 fractional factorial designs
fixDependenceDetect linear dependencies of one matrix on another families for use in GAM fitting and checking
formula.gamGAM formula
formXtViXForm component of GAMM covariance matrix
fs.testFELSPLINE test function
full.scoreGCV/UBRE score for use within nlm
gamGeneralized additive models with integrated smoothness...
gam2objectiveObjective functions for GAM smoothing parameter estimation
gam.checkSome diagnostics for a fitted gam model
gam.controlSetting GAM fitting defaults
gam.convergenceGAM convergence and performance issues
gam.fitGAM P-IRLS estimation with GCV/UBRE smoothness estimation
gam.fit3P-IRLS GAM estimation with GCV, UBRE/AIC or RE/ML derivative... output of gam.fit5
gamlss.etamuTransform derivatives wrt mu to derivatives wrt linear...
gamlss.gHCalculating derivatives of log-likelihood wrt regression...
gammGeneralized Additive Mixed Models
gammalsGamma location-scale model family
gam.mhSimple posterior simulation with gam fits
gam.modelsSpecifying generalized additive models
gamObjectFitted gam object
gam.outerMinimize GCV or UBRE score of a GAM using 'outer' iteration
gam.reparamFinding stable orthogonal re-parameterization of the square...
gam.scaleScale parameter estimation in GAMs
gam.selectionGeneralized Additive Model Selection
gam.sideIdentifiability side conditions for a GAM
gamSimSimulate example data for GAMs
gam.vcompReport gam smoothness estimates as variance components
gaulssGaussian location-scale model family
get.varGet named variable or evaluate expression from list or...
gevlssGeneralized Extreme Value location-scale model family
gfamGrouped families
ginlaGAM Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation Newton Enhanced
gumblsGumbel location-scale model family
identifiabilityIdentifiability constraints
influence.gamExtract the diagonal of the influence/hat matrix for a GAM
initial.spStarting values for multiple smoothing parameter estimation
in.outWhich of a set of points lie within a polygon defined region
inSideAre points inside boundary?
interpret.gamInterpret a GAM formula
jagamJust Another Gibbs Additive Modeller: JAGS support for mgcv.
k.checkChecking smooth basis dimension
ldetSGetting log generalized determinant of penalty matrices
ldTweedieLog Tweedie density evaluation
linear.functional.termsLinear functionals of a smooth in GAMs
logLik.gamAIC and Log likelihood for a fitted GAM
ls.sizeSize of list elements
magicStable Multiple Smoothing Parameter Estimation by GCV or UBRE information from magic fit
mgcv-FAQFrequently Asked Questions for package mgcv
mgcv-packageMixed GAM Computation Vehicle with GCV/AIC/REML/NCV...
mgcv-parallelParallel computation in mgcv.
mini.rootsObtain square roots of penalty matrices
missing.dataMissing data in GAMs
model.matrix.gamExtract model matrix from GAM fit
mono.conMonotonicity constraints for a cubic regression spline
mrootSmallest square root of matrix
multinomGAM multinomial logistic regression
mvnMultivariate normal additive models
NCVNeighbourhood Cross Validation
negbinGAM negative binomial families
new.nameObtain a name for a new variable that is not already in use
notExpFunctions for better-than-log positive parameterization
notExp2Alternative to log parameterization for variance components basis of the space of un-penalized functions for a TPRS
ocatGAM ordered categorical family one standard error rule for smoother models
pclsPenalized Constrained Least Squares Fitting
pdIdnotOverflow proof pdMat class for multiples of the identity...
pdTensFunctions implementing a pdMat class for tensor product...
pen.edfExtract the effective degrees of freedom associated with each...
place.knotsAutomatically place a set of knots evenly through covariate...
plot.gamDefault GAM plotting
polys.plotPlot geographic regions defined as polygons
predict.bamPrediction from fitted Big Additive Model model
predict.gamPrediction from fitted GAM model
Predict.matrixPrediction methods for smooth terms in a GAM matrix method functions
Predict.matrix.soap.filmPrediction matrix for soap film smooth
print.gamPrint a Generalized Additive Model object.
psum.chisqEvaluate the c.d.f. of a weighted sum of chi-squared deviates
qq.gamQQ plots for gam model residuals
random.effectsRandom effects in GAMs
residuals.gamGeneralized Additive Model residuals
rigGenerate inverse Gaussian random deviates
rmvnGenerate from or evaluate multivariate normal or t densities.
RrankFind rank of upper triangular matrix
rTweedieGenerate Tweedie random deviates
sDefining smooths in GAM formulae
scatGAM scaled t family for heavy tailed data
sdiagExtract or modify diagonals of a matrix
shashSinh-arcsinh location scale and shape model family
single.indexSingle index models with mgcv
slanczosCompute truncated eigen decomposition of a symmetric matrix
Sl.initial.reparaRe-parametrizing model matrix X
Sl.reparaApplying re-parameterization from log-determinant of penalty...
Sl.setupSetting up a list representing a block diagonal penalty...
smooth2randomConvert a smooth to a form suitable for estimating as random...
smoothConPrediction/Construction wrapper functions for GAM smooth...
smooth.constructConstructor functions for smooth terms in a GAM smooths in GAMs B-splines in GAMs Cubic regression splines in GAMs
smooth.construct.ds.smooth.specLow rank Duchon 1977 splines
smooth.construct.fs.smooth.specFactor smooth interactions in GAMs rank Gaussian process smooths
smooth.construct.mrf.smooth.specMarkov Random Field Smooths in GAMs random effects in GAMs film smoother constructer
smooth.construct.sos.smooth.specSplines on the sphere factor smooth interactions in GAMs
smooth.construct.t2.smooth.specTensor product smoothing constructor
smooth.construct.tensor.smooth.specTensor product smoothing constructor thin plate regression splines in GAMs
smooth.infoGeneric function to provide extra information about smooth...
smooth.termsSmooth terms in GAM
spasm.constructExperimental sparse smoothers
sp.vcovExtract smoothing parameter estimator covariance matrix from...
step.gamAlternatives to step.gam
summary.gamSummary for a GAM fit
t2Define alternative tensor product smooths in GAM formulae
teDefine tensor product smooths or tensor product interactions... Kronecker product/ tensor product smooth construction
totalPenaltySpaceObtaining (orthogonal) basis for null space and range of the...
tricholCholeski decomposition of a tri-diagonal matrix
trind.generatorGenerates index arrays for upper triangular storage
TweedieGAM Tweedie families
twlssTweedie location scale family
uniquecombsfind the unique rows in a matrix
vcov.gamExtract parameter (estimator) covariance matrix from GAM fit
vis.gamVisualization of GAM objects
XWXdInternal functions for discretized model matrix handling
ziPGAM zero-inflated (hurdle) Poisson regression family
ziplssZero inflated (hurdle) Poisson location-scale model family
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