micEcon: Microeconomic Analysis and Modelling

Various tools for microeconomic analysis and microeconomic modelling, e.g. estimating quadratic, Cobb-Douglas and Translog functions, calculating partial derivatives and elasticities of these functions, and calculating Hessian matrices, checking curvature and preparing restrictions for imposing monotonicity of Translog functions.

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AuthorArne Henningsen
Date of publication2017-03-16 23:17:16 UTC
MaintainerArne Henningsen <arne.henningsen@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

appleProdFr86: Data on French Apple Producers in 1986

Bleymueller79E25.1: Artificial Prices and Quantities

checkConsist: Testing Theoretical Consistency

cobbDouglasCalc: Calculate dependent variable of a Cobb-Douglas function

cobbDouglasDeriv: Derivatives of a Cobb-Douglas function

cobbDouglasOpt: Optimal Values of Independent Variables of a Cobb-Douglas...

coef.quadFuncEst: Coefficients of a Quadratic Function

coef.translogEst: Coefficients of a Translog Function

elas: Calculating and returning elasticities

germanFarms: Output and Inputs of Farms in West-Germany

logDataSet: Creating a Data Set with the Logarithms of the Original...

Missong03E7.7: Meat Prices and Quantities in Germany

quadFuncCalc: Calculate dependent variable of a quadratic function

quadFuncDeriv: Derivatives of a quadratic function

quadFuncEla: Elasticities of a Quadratic Function

quadFuncEst: Estimate a quadratic function

residuals.translogEst: Residuals of a Translog function

summary.translogEst: Summarizing the Estimation of a Translog Function

translogCalc: Calculate dependent variable of a translog function

translogCheckCurvature: Curvature of a Translog Function

translogCheckMono: Monotonicity of a Translog Function

translogCostEst: Estimate a translog Cost Function

translogDeriv: Derivatives of a translog function

translogEla: Elasticities of a translog Function

translogEst: Estimate a translog function

translogHessian: Hessian matrix of a translog function

translogMonoRestr: Monotonicity Restrictions of a Translog Function

translogProdFuncMargCost: Marginal Costs of Translog Production Function


appleProdFr86 Man page
Bleymueller79E25.1 Man page
checkConsist Man page
cobbDouglasCalc Man page
cobbDouglasDeriv Man page
cobbDouglasOpt Man page
coef.quadFuncEst Man page
coef.translogEst Man page
elas Man page
elas.default Man page
elas.quadFuncEst Man page
elasticities Man page
elas.translogEst Man page
germanFarms Man page
logDataSet Man page
Missong03E7.7 Man page
print.summary.translogCheckMono Man page
print.summary.translogEst Man page
print.translogCheckCurvature Man page
print.translogCheckMono Man page
print.translogEst Man page
quadFuncCalc Man page
quadFuncDeriv Man page
quadFuncEla Man page
quadFuncEst Man page
residuals.translogEst Man page
summary.translogCheckMono Man page
summary.translogEst Man page
translogCalc Man page
translogCheckCurvature Man page
translogCheckMono Man page
translogCostEst Man page
translogDeriv Man page
translogEla Man page
translogEst Man page
translogHessian Man page
translogMonoRestr Man page
translogProdFuncMargCost Man page
vcov.quadFuncEst Man page
vcov.translogEst Man page


tests/translog.R tests/cobbDouglasTest.R tests/quadFunc.R
R/checkConsist.R R/translogCheckCurvature.R R/print.translogCheckMono.R R/cobbDouglasDeriv.R R/translogMonoRestr.R R/print.translogEst.R R/quadFuncCheckHomWeights.R R/quadFuncCalc.R R/quadFuncModel.R R/micEconCoefOrder.R R/coef.quadFuncEst.R R/cobbDouglasCalc.R R/translogEla.R R/translogCalc.R R/translogDeriv.R R/cobbDouglasOpt.R R/elas.quadFuncEst.R R/translogEst.R R/translogCheckMono.R R/predict.translogEst.R R/quadFuncVarHom.R R/quadFuncCheckCoefNames.R R/elas.R R/micEconVectorToDataFrame.R R/coef.translogEst.R R/translogHessian.R R/predict.quadFuncEst.R R/print.translogCheckCurvature.R R/translogProdFuncMargCost.R R/translogCostEst.R R/logDataSet.R R/residuals.translogEst.R R/print.summary.translogEst.R R/elas.translogEst.R R/quadFuncEst.R R/summary.translogCheckMono.R R/quadFuncEla.R R/zzz.R R/summary.translogEst.R R/quadFuncDeriv.R
man/cobbDouglasCalc.Rd man/cobbDouglasDeriv.Rd man/quadFuncEla.Rd man/elas.Rd man/translogEst.Rd man/translogHessian.Rd man/translogEla.Rd man/appleProdFr86.Rd man/Bleymueller79E25.1.Rd man/translogCostEst.Rd man/translogCalc.Rd man/quadFuncCalc.Rd man/cobbDouglasOpt.Rd man/germanFarms.Rd man/quadFuncEst.Rd man/translogDeriv.Rd man/coef.translogEst.Rd man/translogCheckCurvature.Rd man/translogMonoRestr.Rd man/coef.quadFuncEst.Rd man/Missong03E7.7.Rd man/summary.translogEst.Rd man/logDataSet.Rd man/translogProdFuncMargCost.Rd man/quadFuncDeriv.Rd man/residuals.translogEst.Rd man/translogCheckMono.Rd man/checkConsist.Rd

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