Man pages for micEconSNQP
Symmetric Normalized Quadratic Profit Function

predict.snqProfitEstPredictions from an SNQ profit function
print.snqProfitEstPrint output of estimated SNQ profit function
residuals.snqProfitEstResiduals of an SNQ profit function
snqProfitCalcCalculations with the SNQ Profit function
snqProfitElaPrice Elasticities of SNQ Profit function
snqProfitEstEstimation of a SNQ Profit function
snqProfitFixElaFixed Factor Elasticities of SNQ Profit function
snqProfitHessianSNQ Profit function: Hessian matrix
snqProfitHessianDerivSNQ Profit function: Derivatives of the Hessian
snqProfitImposeConvexityImposing Convexity on a SNQ Profit function
snqProfitShadowPricesShadow Prices of a SNQ Profit function
snqProfitWeightsSNQ Profit function: Weights of prices for normalization
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