Initial Submission to CRAN and public Github Repo: 2020-01-08 Accepted by CRAN: 2020-01-19

Package Updates


Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow data.frames to be imputed.


Default max.depth parameter for ranger is now 10. Originally, this was the default unlimited. However, this causes ranger models to take up a lot of memory. Setting max.depth to 10 saves space and still allows for accurate models.


Fixed error in calculation of expected time in print.miceDefs. Raw data cast to data.table in miceDefs and impDefs objects.


Use utils::tail() to get finalError last row doesn't fail for single var imputations.


Added comprehensive unit test Code clean up


Fixed bug in plotImputationVariance() if characters were passed in original data. (#2) Fixed bug in completeData() around valueSelector. (#3) If a numeric variable is being imputed with valueSelector 'value', it doesn't need a meanMatchCandidates entry (#4)


Implemented 'impute' function.


Changed minor formatting in print method. Seed issues were causing unit tests to fail on certain OS. Unit tests no longer rely on RNG.


Added the ability to specify mean matching or prediction value for each variable. Added the ability to specify predictors for each variable to impute. Improved plotting

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