microplotAttrDisplay: Specify how to display the microplots for x.axis, y.axis,...

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Specify how to display the microplots for x.axis, y.axis, xlab, ylab, and key.


Specify how to display the microplots for x.axis, y.axis, xlab, ylab, and key.


                     y.axis=unname(attr(ii, "axis.names")["y"]),
                     x.axis=unname(attr(ii, "axis.names")["x"]),
                     ylab=unname(attr(ii, "lab.names")["y"]),
                     xlab=unname(attr(ii, "lab.names")["x"]),
                     key=attr(ii, "key.name"),
                     label.x.axis="", ## empty, nchar=0
                     label.y.axis=" " ## one space, nchar=1



A "microplotMatrix" or "includegraphicsMatrix" of filenames of graphics files each containing one panel of an array of plots. There may be up to three attributes containing additional filenames.

x.axis, y.axis

Vector of filenames containing graphic files of axes.

label.x.axis, label.y.axis

Labels that will used in the column name of the y.axis and the y.axis column for the x.axis row in the 'latex' display of the graphic.

xlab, ylab

Vector of filenames containing graphic files of axis labels.


Filename containing a graphics file containing a key (legend).


If the key is non-null, then place its filename as a new last value in the specified columns. The column numbering is with respect to the input ii before the y.axis or ylab are evaluated.


Revised version of the input ii, possibly augmented with additional rows for the x.axis, xlab, and key, and additional columns for the ylab and y.axis. The xlab is ignored unless the x.axis is also specified. The ylab is ignored unless the y.axis is also specified.


Richard M. Heiberger <rmh@temple.edu>

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## Not run: 

filenames <-
  structure(c("tt010.pdf", "tt007.pdf", "tt004.pdf", "tt001.pdf",
              "tt011.pdf", "tt008.pdf", "tt005.pdf", "tt002.pdf",
              "tt012.pdf", "tt009.pdf", "tt006.pdf", "tt003.pdf"),
            .Dim = c(4L, 3L),
            .Dimnames = structure(list(
              rr = c("d", "c", "b", "a"),
              cc = c("E", "F", "G")),
              .Names = c("rr", "cc")),
            axis.names = structure(c("tt013.pdf", "tt014.pdf"), .Names = c("x", "y")),
            lab.names = structure(c("tt015.pdf", "tt016.pdf"), .Names = c("x", "y")),
            key.name = "tt017.pdf",
            class = c("microplotMatrix", "matrix"))


as.includegraphics(filenames, wd=".")

as.includegraphics(filenames, wd=".", as.attr=FALSE) ## default

as.includegraphics(filenames, wd=".", as.attr=TRUE)

as.includegraphics(filenames, wd=".", columnKey=1)

as.includegraphics(filenames, wd=".", columnKey=1:3)

as.includegraphics(filenames, wd=".", xlab=TRUE, ylab=TRUE)

as.includegraphics(filenames, wd=".",
                   label.x.axis="X tick values", label.y.axis="Y tick values")

tt <- data.frame(x=1:4, y=c(2,3,4,1), group=c("A","A","B","B"))
latex(lattice::xyplot(y ~ x | group, data=tt))
latex(lattice::xyplot(y ~ x | group, data=tt),
      label.x.axis="X Range", label.y.axis="Y Range")

demo("AEdotplot", package="microplot", ask=TRUE)

## End(Not run)

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