Man pages for mindr
Generate Mind Maps with R

dir2mdDisplay a directory hierarchical structure in Markdown syntax
dir2mmDisplay hierarchical structure of a directory in FreeMind...
dir2rConvert a hierarchical directory into R code
filterNULLA function for markmap
get_eqlocGet the index of equations in a string vector
get_filename_extGet the file name extension
guess_typeGuess the type of input or output
list2headingconvert lists to headings in a text
markmapCreate a mind map in HTML widget
markmapOptionTheme options for markmap creation
md2dirCreate hierarchical directories according to (R)...
md2mmConvert (R) Markdown-syntax text to FreeMind mind map code
md2rConvert (R) Markdown-syntax text into R code
mdtxt2mmtxtConvert Markdown text to FreeMind mind map text.
mmAll-in-one wrapper for the conversion between (R) Markdown,...
mm2dirGenerate hierarchical directories according to a FreeMind...
mm2mdConvert FreeMind mind map code into Markdown headings
mm2rConvert FreeMind mind map code into .R code
outlineExtract headings of (R) Markdown-syntax text as an outline
r2dirGenerate hierarchical directories according to the outline of...
r2mdConvert R code into (R) Markdown-syntax text
r2mmConvert R code into FreeMind mind map code
rmvcodeCheck whether a digital number is within a given range
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