Man pages for miniCRAN
Create a Mini Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected Packages

addLocalPackageAdd local packages to a miniCRAN repository.
addOldPackageAdd old package versions to a miniCRAN repository.
addPackageAdd packages to a miniCRAN repository.
addPackageListingGithubAdd DESCRIPTION information from package on github.
basePkgsReturns names of base packages.
checkVersionsCheck for previous versions of packages in a miniCRAN...
cranJuly2014Stored version of available.packages()
getCranDescriptionScrape DESCRIPTION from CRAN for each pkg.
listFilesList pre-built packages in a directory based on file...
makeDepGraphCreate dependency graph from available packages.
makeLibraryDeprecated function to download packages to local folder.
makeRepoDownloads packages from CRAN to specified path and creates a...
miniCRAN-packageCreate a Private Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected...
pkgAvailReads available packages from CRAN repository.
pkgDepRetrieves package dependencies.
plot.pkgDepGraphPlots a package dependency graph.
repoBinPathConstruct path to full binary location
repoPrefixGet the path to the repo directory containing the package...
twodigitRversionGet a two-digit version of the R version
updatePackagesCheck for available package updates in a miniCRAN repo.
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