#' @name do.rbind
#' @title Bind data.frames in a List by Rows
#' @author Sven E. Templer
#' @description 
#' Same as \code{do.call(rbind, x)}, but adding a column with the
#' name of each table. Missing names are replaced by integers.
#' @param x List with data.frames. Non data.frame objects are dropped.
#' @param idcol Name for column with ids in output.
#' @param keep.rownames Logical, keep rownames.
#' @return
#' Returns a data.frame

#' @export
do.rbind <- function (x, idcol = "Name", keep.rownames = FALSE) {
  # check for data.frames
  u <- sapply(x, inherits, "data.frame")
  if (any(!u))
    warning("Dropping non data.frame elements from 'x'.")
  x <- x[u]
  if (!length(x)>0)
    stop("No data.frame objects in 'x'.")
  # get names
  n <- names(x)
  if (is.null(n))
    n <- seq_along(x)
  r <- sapply(x, nrow)
  i <- rep(n, r)
  # bind
  x <- do.call(rbind, x)
  x <- data.frame(IDS = i, x, stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
  names(x)[1] <- idcol
  #x[[idcol]] <- i
  if (!keep.rownames) rownames(x) <- NULL
  # return

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