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Print method for the posterior results contained in the objects of class missingHE


Prints the summary table for the model fitted, with the estimate of the parameters and/or missing values.


## S3 method for class 'missingHE'
print(x, value.mis = FALSE, only.means = TRUE, ...)



A missingHE object containing the results of the Bayesian model run using the function selection, selection_long, pattern or hurdle.


Logical. If value.mis is TRUE, the model results displayed contain also the imputed values, else if value.mis is FALSE the missing values are hidden.


Logical. If only.means is TRUE, then the print function only shows the summary statistics for the mean effectiveness and costs. Defaults at FALSE (in which case, shows the summary statistics for all parameters in the model).


additional arguments affecting the printed output produced. For example: digits= number of significant digits to be shown in the printed table (default=3). Not available if value.mis=TRUE.


Andrea Gabrio


# For examples see the function \code{\link{selection}}, \code{\link{selection_long}}, 
# \code{\link{pattern}} or \code{\link{hurdle}}

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