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The included function will estimate a mixture Rasch model using joint maximum likelihood estimation (JMLE). The estimation is based on a mixture partial credit model. Step parameters can be constrained to estimate a mixture rating scale model. Estimating a model with only one latent class accomplishes a standard Rasch analysis with JMLE.


Package: mixRasch
Type: Package
Version: 1.1
Date: 2014-02-26
License: GPL version 2 or newer

This is an early version of the package. It currently contains only the mixRasch function. Please contact the author if you encounter any bugs or if you have questions or suggestions.


John T. Willse <[email protected]>


Willse, J. T. (2011). Mixture Rasch models with joint maximum likelihood estimation. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 71, 5-19.

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