mixdist: Finite Mixture Distribution Models

This package contains functions for fitting finite mixture distribution models to grouped data and conditional data by the method of maximum likelihood using a combination of a Newton-type algorithm and the EM algorithm.

AuthorPeter Macdonald <pdmmac@mcmaster.ca>, with contributions from Juan Du <duduyy@hotmail.com>
Date of publication2012-10-29 08:59:11
MaintainerPeter Macdonald <pdmmac@mcmaster.ca>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)
http://www.r-project.org, http://www.math.mcmaster.ca/peter/mix/mix.html

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Man pages

anova.mix: ANOVA Tables for Mixture Model Objects

bindat: Grouped Binomial Data

binpar: Starting Values of Parameters for the Binomial Data Set

cassie: Cassie's Length-Frequency Example

coef.mix: Extract Mixture Model Coefficients

conditdat: Add Conditional Data to Grouped Data

expdat: A Mixture Data of Three Exponential Distributions

fiftn80: A Mixed Data with Fifteen Normal Components

fitted.mix: Compute Mixture Model Fitted Values

groupstats: Estimate Parameters of One-Component Mixture Distribution

grpintprob: Compute Probabilities of an Observation Falling into a...

mix: Estimate Parameters of Mixture Distributions

mixconstr: Construct Constraints on Parameters

mixdata: Mixed Data

mixgroup: Construct Grouped Data from Raw Data

mixpar2theta: Find the Parameters to be Estimated

mixparam: Construct Starting Values for Parameters

mixtheta2par: Compute All of Parameters from the Estimated Parameters

normals: Scale Mixture Data with Three Normal Components

pearson: Karl Pearson's Crab Data

pearsonpar: Starting Values of Parameters for the Pearson's Data

pikdat5: Heming Lake Pike Data

pike65: Length-Frequency Data for Heming Lake Pike

pike65sg: Length-Frequency Data with Subsamples for Heming Lake Pike

pikepar: Starting Values of Parameters for the Pike Data

pikeraw: A Sample of Pike Lengths

plot.mix: Mix Object Plotting

plot.mixdata: Mixdata Object Plotting

poisdat: Grouped Poisson Data

poispar: Starting Values of Parameters for the Poisson Data Set

print.mix: Print Mix Object

summary.mix: Summarizing Mixture Model Fits

testconstr: Check Constraints

testpar: Check Parameters

weibullpar: Compute Shape and Scale Parameters for Weibull Distribution

weibullparinv: Compute the Mean and Standard Deviation of Weibull...


anova.mix Man page
as.mixdata Man page
bindat Man page
binpar Man page
cassie Man page
coef.mix Man page
conditdat Man page
expdat Man page
fiftn80 Man page
fitted.mix Man page
groupstats Man page
grpintprob Man page
is.mixdata Man page
mix Man page
mixconstr Man page
mixgroup Man page
mixpar2theta Man page
mixparam Man page
mixtheta2par Man page
normals Man page
pearson Man page
pearsonpar Man page
pikdat5 Man page
pike65 Man page
pike65sg Man page
pikepar Man page
pikeraw Man page
plot.mix Man page
plot.mixdata Man page
poisdat Man page
poispar Man page
print.mix Man page
summary.mix Man page
testconstr Man page
testpar Man page
weibullpar Man page
weibullparinv Man page


mixdist/man/groupstats.Rd mixdist/man/print.mix.Rd mixdist/man/mixdata.Rd mixdist/man/mixtheta2par.Rd mixdist/man/binpar.Rd mixdist/man/testpar.Rd mixdist/man/mixconstr.Rd mixdist/man/pikdat5.Rd mixdist/man/grpintprob.Rd mixdist/man/expdat.Rd mixdist/man/pearson.Rd mixdist/man/pike65.Rd mixdist/man/plot.mix.Rd mixdist/man/pikepar.Rd mixdist/man/cassie.Rd mixdist/man/coef.mix.Rd mixdist/man/testconstr.Rd mixdist/man/weibullparinv.Rd mixdist/man/anova.mix.Rd mixdist/man/plot.mixdata.Rd mixdist/man/pike65sg.Rd mixdist/man/fiftn80.Rd mixdist/man/mixgroup.Rd mixdist/man/pikeraw.Rd mixdist/man/conditdat.Rd mixdist/man/normals.Rd mixdist/man/mixpar2theta.Rd mixdist/man/mix.Rd mixdist/man/fitted.mix.Rd mixdist/man/weibullpar.Rd mixdist/man/bindat.Rd mixdist/man/poisdat.Rd mixdist/man/mixparam.Rd mixdist/man/poispar.Rd mixdist/man/summary.mix.Rd mixdist/man/pearsonpar.Rd
mixdist/R/plot.mix.R mixdist/R/mixtheta2par.R mixdist/R/weibullparinv.R mixdist/R/testpar.R mixdist/R/anova.mix.R mixdist/R/as.mixdata.R mixdist/R/summary.mix.R mixdist/R/mix.R mixdist/R/fitted.mix.R mixdist/R/weibullpar.R mixdist/R/mixgroup.R mixdist/R/is.mixdata.R mixdist/R/print.mix.R mixdist/R/testconstr.R mixdist/R/plot.mixdata.R mixdist/R/mixpar2theta.R mixdist/R/coef.mix.R mixdist/R/groupstats.R mixdist/R/grpintprob.R mixdist/R/mixconstr.R mixdist/R/conditdat.R mixdist/R/mixparam.R

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