Man pages for mixdist
Finite Mixture Distribution Models

anova.mixANOVA Tables for Mixture Model Objects
bindatGrouped Binomial Data
binparStarting Values of Parameters for the Binomial Data Set
cassieCassie's Length-Frequency Example
coef.mixExtract Mixture Model Coefficients
conditdatAdd Conditional Data to Grouped Data
expdatA Mixture Data of Three Exponential Distributions
fiftn80A Mixed Data with Fifteen Normal Components
fitted.mixCompute Mixture Model Fitted Values
groupstatsEstimate Parameters of One-Component Mixture Distribution
grpintprobCompute Probabilities of an Observation Falling into a...
mixEstimate Parameters of Mixture Distributions
mixconstrConstruct Constraints on Parameters
mixdataMixed Data
mixgroupConstruct Grouped Data from Raw Data
mixpar2thetaFind the Parameters to be Estimated
mixparamConstruct Starting Values for Parameters
mixtheta2parCompute All of Parameters from the Estimated Parameters
normalsScale Mixture Data with Three Normal Components
pearsonKarl Pearson's Crab Data
pearsonparStarting Values of Parameters for the Pearson's Data
pikdat5Heming Lake Pike Data
pike65Length-Frequency Data for Heming Lake Pike
pike65sgLength-Frequency Data with Subsamples for Heming Lake Pike
pikeparStarting Values of Parameters for the Pike Data
pikerawA Sample of Pike Lengths
plot.mixMix Object Plotting
plot.mixdataMixdata Object Plotting
poisdatGrouped Poisson Data
poisparStarting Values of Parameters for the Poisson Data Set
print.mixPrint Mix Object
summary.mixSummarizing Mixture Model Fits
testconstrCheck Constraints
testparCheck Parameters
weibullparCompute Shape and Scale Parameters for Weibull Distribution
weibullparinvCompute the Mean and Standard Deviation of Weibull...
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