Man pages for mixlm
Mixed Model ANOVA and Statistics for Education

AnovaAnalysis of variance with SS type II or III (including mixed...
anova.lmmAnalysis of variance (sequential SS)
AnovaMixMixed model least squares analysis of variance (mixed ANOVA).
anova_regAnalysis of variance for regression.
best.subsetsF-test based best subset selection.
CIgrandMeanConfidence interval for the grand mean of a linear model
confusionConfusion matrix.
effect.labelsCreate new effect labels for 'lm'
forwardF-test based model effect selection for linear models.
fparseEffects of formulas.
glmFitting Generalized Linear Models
is.balancedBalance cheking of models.
lmFitting Linear Models
plotpropsProperty plots for relevant component analysis
PRESSPrediction fits
print.AnovaMixPrint method for objects of class(AnovaMix)
print.summary.lmmSummarizing Linear Model Fits
prop.test.ordinaryTest of Equal or Given Proportions in text-book version
rparseRemoves function r() from formulas.
simple.glhtPairwise comparison with multiple testing compensation.
spearsonStandardized Pearson residuals
tallyTally of discrete numbers
t_testText book versions of t-tests and z-tests.
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