Man pages for mixmeta
An Extended Mixed-Effects Framework for Meta-Analysis

alcoholAlcohol Intake and Colorectal Cancer
bcgEfficacy of BCG Vaccine in the Prevention of Tuberculosis
bdiagMatBlock-Diagonal Expansion of a List of Matrices
berkey98Five Published Trials on Periodontal Disease
blupBest Linear Unbiased Predictions
blup.mixmetaBest Linear Unbiased Predictions from mixmeta Models
coef.mixmetaExtract Coefficients and (Co)Variance Matrix from mixmeta...
dbsDeep-Brain Stimulation for Patients with Parkinson's Disease
fibrinogenFibrinogen Studies Collaboration
gliomasRandomized Trials on Therapies for Malignant Gliomas
hslsHigh School Longitudinal Study
hypTen Studies Assessing an Hypertension Treatment
inputcovInput (Co)Variance Matrices
inputnaInput Missing Values
logLik.mixmetaExtract Log-Likelihood from mixmeta Objects
mixmetaFitting Standard and Extended Meta-Analysis and...
mixmeta.controlAncillary Parameters for Controlling the Fit in mixmeta...
mixmetaCovStruct(Co)variance Structures for mixmeta Models
mixmeta.fixedFixed-Effects Estimator for mixmeta Models
mixmetaFormulaFormulae in mixmeta Models
mixmeta.mlML and REML Estimators for mixmeta Models
mixmeta.mmMethod of Moments Estimator for mixmeta Models
mixmetaObjectmixmeta Objects
mixmeta-packageAn Extended Mixed-Effects Framework for Meta-Analysis
mixmetaSimSimulating Responses for mixmeta Models
mixmeta.vcVariance Components Estimator for mixmeta Models
ml.iglsIGLS and RIGLS Iterative Algorithms for mixmeta Models
ml.loglik.fnLikelihood Functions for mixmeta Models
ml.newtonQuasi-Newton Iterative Algorithms for mixmeta Models
model.frame.mixmetaExtract Model Frame and Design Matrix from mixmeta Objects Missing Values in mixmeta Models
p53Mutant p53 Gene and Squamous Cell Carcinoma
predict.mixmetaPredicted Values from mixmeta Models
qtestCochran Q Test of Heterogeneity
qtest.mixmetaCochran Q Test of Heterogeneity for mixmeta Models
schoolStudies on Modified School Calendar and Student Achievement
smokingMeta-Analysis of Interventions to Promote Smoking Cessation
summary.mixmetaSummarizing mixmeta Models
terms.mixmetaExtract Model Terms from mixmeta Objects
thrombolyticRandomized Trials of Thrombolytic Therapy
vechMatVectorization and Expansion of Symmetric Matrices
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