Man pages for mixor
Mixed-Effects Ordinal Regression Analysis

AIC.mixorReturn AIC for a Fitted Mixor Model
BIC.mixorReturn BIC for a Fitted Mixor Model
coef.mixorExtract Model Coefficients
concenTwins Trouble Concentrating Data
ContrastsEstimate Contrasts for Mixor Object
deviance.mixorReturn the deviance for a Fitted Mixor Model
irt.dataArmed Servces Vocational Aptitude Battery
logLik.mixorReturn the log-likelihood for a Fitted Mixor Model
mixorMixed-Effects Ordinal Regression Analysis
mixordOld Function Name Replaced with mixor
Mixor-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package mixor
Mixor-packageMixed-Effects Ordinal Regression Analysis
norcagAttitudes Towards Sex Data from the 1989 General Social...
plot.mixorPlot empirical Bayes estimates of random effects for a Mixor...
predict.mixorPredict Outcome From Mixor Fitted Model
print.mixorPrinting Mixor Model Fits
schizophreniaNational Institute of Mental Health Schizophrenia...
SmokeOnsetSmoking Onset Data
SmokingPreventionTelevision School and Family Smoking Prevention and Cessation...
summary.mixorSummarize Mixor Model Fit
vcov.mixorReturn Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Mixor Model Object
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