mkde: 2D and 3D movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs).

Provides functions to compute and visualize movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs) for animal utilization distributions in 2 or 3 spatial dimensions.

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AuthorJeff A. Tracey, James Sheppard, Jun Zhu, Robert Sinkovts, Amit Chourasia, Glenn Lockwood, and Robert N. Fisher
Date of publication2014-08-24 00:26:36
MaintainerJeff A. Tracey <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

computeAreaRaster: Calculate cell areas from elevation raster.

computeContourValues: Find thresholds for contour intervals

computeSizeMKDE: Compute the area or volume of an MKDE.

condor: California condor locations

condordem: A RasterLayer containing a digital elevation model (DEM) for...

condordem120: A RasterLayer containing a digital elevation model (DEM) for...

deselectLocationsOutsideBounds: Flag 3D locations with out-of-bounds z-coordinates

deselectNonMovementSteps: Flag non-movements so they are excluded from MKDE estimation

dugong: Dugong locations

dugongdem: A RasterLayer containing bathymetry for the dugong data

estVarMKDE: Estimate move variances for 3D MKDE.

initializeAreaRaster: Initialize an area raster for a 2.5D MKDE.

initializeDensity: Calculate raster of density values for MKDE.

initializeMKDE2D: Set up a 2D MKDE object.

initializeMKDE3D: Set up a 3D MKDE object.

initializeMovementData: Initialize a movement data list

mkde2Dgrid: Movement-based kernel density estimate (MKDE) in 2D using...

mkde2Dinteraction: Probability of 2D spatial-temporal interaction.

mkde3Dgrid: Movement-based kernel density estimate (MKDE) in 3D using...

mkde3Dinteraction: Probability of 3D spatial-temporal interaction.

mkde-package: Movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs) in 2 or 3...

mkdeToRaster: MKDE to RasterLayer or RasterStack

panda: Giant panda locations

pandadem: A RasterLayer containing a digital elevation model (DEM) for...

plotMKDE: Make an image plot of an MKDE.

setMaximumZfromConstant: Initialize maximum allowable z-axis coordinates to a constant...

setMaximumZfromRaster: Initialize maximum z-axis value from a raster

setMinimumZfromConstant: Set minimum z-axis value to a constant.

setMinimumZfromRaster: Set minimum z-axis values from a raster

writeInterpolatedPathVTK: Write path to VTK.

writeObservedLocationVTK: Write observed locations to VTK.

writeRasterToVTK: Write a 2D raster to XDMF XML wrapper and binary data file.

writeRasterToXDMF: Write a 2D raster to XDMF XML wrapper and binary data file.

writeToGRASS: Write MKDE to a GRASS GIS 3D ASCII raster file.

writeToVTK: Write MKDE to an ASCII Visualization Tool Kit (VTK)...

writeToXDMF: Write 3D MKDE to XDMF XML wrapper and binary data file.


computeAreaRaster Man page
computeContourValues Man page
computeSizeMKDE Man page
condor Man page
condordem Man page
condordem120 Man page
deselectLocationsOutsideBounds Man page
deselectNonMovementSteps Man page
dugong Man page
dugongdem Man page
estVarMKDE Man page
initializeAreaRaster Man page
initializeDensity Man page
initializeMKDE2D Man page
initializeMKDE3D Man page
initializeMovementData Man page
mkde Man page
mkde2Dgrid Man page
mkde2Dinteraction Man page
mkde3Dgrid Man page
mkde3Dinteraction Man page
mkde-package Man page
mkdeToRaster Man page
panda Man page
pandadem Man page
plotMKDE Man page
setMaximumZfromConstant Man page
setMaximumZfromRaster Man page
setMinimumZfromConstant Man page
setMinimumZfromRaster Man page
writeInterpolatedPathVTK Man page
writeObservedLocationVTK Man page
writeRasterToVTK Man page
writeRasterToXDMF Man page
writeToGRASS Man page
writeToVTK Man page
writeToXDMF Man page

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