mkde: 2D and 3D movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs).

Provides functions to compute and visualize movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs) for animal utilization distributions in 2 or 3 spatial dimensions.

AuthorJeff A. Tracey, James Sheppard, Jun Zhu, Robert Sinkovts, Amit Chourasia, Glenn Lockwood, and Robert N. Fisher
Date of publication2014-08-24 00:26:36
MaintainerJeff A. Tracey <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

computeAreaRaster: Calculate cell areas from elevation raster.

computeContourValues: Find thresholds for contour intervals

computeSizeMKDE: Compute the area or volume of an MKDE.

condor: California condor locations

condordem: A RasterLayer containing a digital elevation model (DEM) for...

condordem120: A RasterLayer containing a digital elevation model (DEM) for...

deselectLocationsOutsideBounds: Flag 3D locations with out-of-bounds z-coordinates

deselectNonMovementSteps: Flag non-movements so they are excluded from MKDE estimation

dugong: Dugong locations

dugongdem: A RasterLayer containing bathymetry for the dugong data

estVarMKDE: Estimate move variances for 3D MKDE.

initializeAreaRaster: Initialize an area raster for a 2.5D MKDE.

initializeDensity: Calculate raster of density values for MKDE.

initializeMKDE2D: Set up a 2D MKDE object.

initializeMKDE3D: Set up a 3D MKDE object.

initializeMovementData: Initialize a movement data list

mkde2Dgrid: Movement-based kernel density estimate (MKDE) in 2D using...

mkde2Dinteraction: Probability of 2D spatial-temporal interaction.

mkde3Dgrid: Movement-based kernel density estimate (MKDE) in 3D using...

mkde3Dinteraction: Probability of 3D spatial-temporal interaction.

mkde-package: Movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs) in 2 or 3...

mkdeToRaster: MKDE to RasterLayer or RasterStack

panda: Giant panda locations

pandadem: A RasterLayer containing a digital elevation model (DEM) for...

plotMKDE: Make an image plot of an MKDE.

setMaximumZfromConstant: Initialize maximum allowable z-axis coordinates to a constant...

setMaximumZfromRaster: Initialize maximum z-axis value from a raster

setMinimumZfromConstant: Set minimum z-axis value to a constant.

setMinimumZfromRaster: Set minimum z-axis values from a raster

writeInterpolatedPathVTK: Write path to VTK.

writeObservedLocationVTK: Write observed locations to VTK.

writeRasterToVTK: Write a 2D raster to XDMF XML wrapper and binary data file.

writeRasterToXDMF: Write a 2D raster to XDMF XML wrapper and binary data file.

writeToGRASS: Write MKDE to a GRASS GIS 3D ASCII raster file.

writeToVTK: Write MKDE to an ASCII Visualization Tool Kit (VTK)...

writeToXDMF: Write 3D MKDE to XDMF XML wrapper and binary data file.

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