Man pages for mlegp
Maximum Likelihood Estimates of Gaussian Processes

createGPcreates a Gaussian process object
createWindowGaussian Process Plotting Functions
CVGaussian process cross-validation
gp.listGaussian Process Lists
is.gpGaussian Process and Gaussian Process Lists
mlegpmlegp: maximum likelihood estimation of Gaussian process...
mlegp-internalInternal Functions for Gaussian Processes
mlegp-naming-functionsmlegp naming functions
mlegp-packagemlegp package
mlegp-svd-functionsSingular Value Decomposition functions for mlegp
nuggetGaussian Process Nugget Related Functions
paramLookupParameter Lookup Functions
plot.gpDiagnostic Plots for Gaussian processes Plots for Gaussian Process Lists
plotObservedEffectsPlot Observed Values Vs. Each Dimension of the Design Matrix
predict.gpGaussian Process Predictions
print.gpGaussian Process Summary Information Process List Summary Information
summary.gpGaussian Process Summary Information Process List Summary Information
uniqueSummarySummary of outputs for each unique input
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