Man pages for mlrCPO
Composable Preprocessing Operators and Pipelines for Machine Learning

applyCPOApply a CPO to Data
as.list.CPOSplit a Pipeline into Its Constituents
attachCPOAttach a CPO to a Learner
clearRIClear Retrafo and Inverter Attributes
composeCPOCPO Composition
covrTraceCPOsAdd 'covr' coverage to CPOs
CPOComposable Preprocessing Operators
cpoApplyFunApply a Function Element-Wise
cpoApplyFunRegrTargetTransform a Regression Target Variable
cpoAsNumericConvert All Features to Numerics
cpoCacheCaches the Result of CPO Transformations
cpoCbind"cbind" the Result of Multiple CPOs
cpoCollapseFactCompine Rare Factors
CPOConstructorConstructor for CPO Objects
cpoDropConstantsDrop Constant or Near-Constant Features
cpoDropMostlyConstantsDrop Constant or Near-Constant Features
cpoDummyEncodeCPO Dummy Encoder
cpoFilterAnovaFilter Features: "anova.test"
cpoFilterCarscoreFilter Features: "carscore"
cpoFilterChiSquaredFilter Features: "chi.squared"
cpoFilterFeaturesFilter Features by Thresholding Filter Values
cpoFilterGainRatioFilter Features: "gain.ratio"
cpoFilterInformationGainFilter Features: "information.gain"
cpoFilterKruskalFilter Features: "kruskal.test"
cpoFilterLinearCorrelationFilter Features: "linear.correlation"
cpoFilterMrmrFilter Features: "mrmr"
cpoFilterOneRFilter Features: "oneR"
cpoFilterPermutationImportanceFilter Features: "permutation.importance"
cpoFilterRankCorrelationFilter Features: "rank.correlation"
cpoFilterReliefFilter Features: "relief"
cpoFilterRfCImportanceFilter Features: "cforest.importance"
cpoFilterRfImportanceFilter Features: "randomForest.importance"
cpoFilterRfSRCImportanceFilter Features: "randomForestSRC.rfsrc"
cpoFilterRfSRCMinDepthFilter Features: ""
cpoFilterSymmetricalUncertaintyFilter Features: "symmetrical.uncertainty"
cpoFilterUnivariateFilter Features: "univariate.model.score"
cpoFilterVarianceFilter Features: "variance"
cpoFixFactorsClean Up Factorial Features
cpoIcaConstruct a CPO for ICA Preprocessing
cpoImpactEncodeClassifImpact Encoding
cpoImpactEncodeRegrImpact Encoding
cpoImputeImpute and Re-Impute Data
cpoImputeConstantPerform Imputation with Constant Value
cpoImputeHistPerform Imputation with Random Values
cpoImputeLearnerPerform Imputation with an 'mlr' 'Learner'
cpoImputeMaxPerform Imputation with Multiple of Minimum
cpoImputeMeanPerform Imputation with Mean Value
cpoImputeMedianPerform Imputation with Median Value
cpoImputeMinPerform Imputation with Multiple of Minimum
cpoImputeModePerform Imputation with Mode Value
cpoImputeNormalPerform Imputation with Normally Distributed Random Values
cpoImputeUniformPerform Imputation with Uniformly Random Values
CPOLearnerCPO Learner Object
cpoLogTrafoRegrLog-Transform a Regression Target Variable.
cpoMakeColsCreate Columns from Expressions
cpoMissingIndicatorsConvert Data into Factors Indicating Missing Data
cpoModelMatrixCreate a "Model Matrix" from the Data Given a Formula
cpoOversampleOver- or Undersample Binary Classification Tasks
cpoPcaConstruct a CPO for PCA Preprocessing
cpoProbEncodeProbability Encoding
cpoQuantileBinNumericsSplit Numeric Features into Quantile Bins
cpoRegrResidualsTrain a Model on a Task and Return the Residual Task
cpoResponseFromSEUse the "se" 'predict.type' for "response" Prediction
cpoSampleSample Data from a Task
cpoScaleConstruct a CPO for Scaling / Centering
cpoScaleMaxAbsMax Abs Scaling CPO
cpoScaleRangeRange Scaling CPO
cpoSelectDrop All Columns Except Certain Selected Ones from Data
cpoSmotePerform SMOTE Oversampling for Binary Classification
cpoSpatialSignScale Rows to Unit Length
cpoTemplateDummy Function for Documentation Purposes
CPOTrainedGet the Retransformation or Inversion Function from a...
cpoTransformParamsTransform CPO Hyperparameters
cpoWrapCPO Wrapper
discretedefined to avoid problems with the static type checker
functdefined to avoid problems with the static type checker
getCPOAffectGet the Selection Arguments for Affected CPOs
getCPOClassGet the CPO Class
getCPOConstructorGet the CPOConstructor Used to Create a CPO Object
getCPOIdGet the ID of a CPO Object
getCPONameGet the CPO Object's Name
getCPOOperatingTypeDetermine the Operating Type of the CPO
getCPOPredictTypeGet the CPO 'predict.type'
getCPOPropertiesGet the Properties of the Given CPO Object
getCPOTrainedCapabilityGet the CPOTrained's Capabilities
getCPOTrainedCPOGet CPO Used to Train a Retrafo / Inverter
getCPOTrainedStateGet the Internal State of a CPORetrafo Object
getLearnerBareGet the Learner with the CPOs Removed
getLearnerCPOGet the CPO Associated with a Learner
grapes-greater-than-greater-than-grapesCPO Composition / Attachment / Application Operator
identicalCPOCheck Whether Two CPO are Fundamentally the Same
internal-grapes-greater-than-greater-than-grapesInternally Used '%>>%' Operators
invertInvert Target Preprocessing
is.inverterCheck CPOInverter
is.nullcpoCheck for NULLCPO
is.retrafoCheck CPORetrafo
listCPOList all Built-in CPOs
makeCPOCreate a Custom CPO Constructor
makeCPOCaseBuild Data-Dependent CPOs
makeCPOMultiplexCPO Multiplexer
makeCPOTrainedFromStateCreate a CPOTrained with Given Internal State
mlrCPO-packageComposable Preprocessing Operators
NULLCPOCPO Composition Neutral Element
nullcpoToNullNULLCPO to NULL
nullToNullcpoNULL to NULLCPO
pipeCPOTurn a 'list' of CPOs into a Single Chained One
print.CPOConstructorPrint CPO Objects
pSSTurn the argument list into a 'ParamSet'
randomForestSRC_filtersFilter "randomForestSRC_importance" computes the importance...
setCPOIdSet the ID of a CPO Object
untypeddefined to avoid problems with the static type checker
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