Man pages for mlrMBO
Bayesian Optimization and Model-Based Optimization of Expensive Black-Box Functions

error_handlingError handling for mlrMBO
exampleRunPerform an mbo run on a test function and and visualize what...
exampleRunMultiObjPerform an MBO run on a multi-objective test function and and...
finalizeSMBOFinalizes the SMBO Optimization
getGlobalOptHelper function which returns the (estimated) global optimum.
getMBOInfillCritGet properties of MBO infill criterion.
getSupportedInfillOptFunctionsGet names of supported infill-criteria optimizers.
getSupportedMultipointInfillOptFunctionsGet names of supported multi-point infill-criteria...
infillcritsInfill criteria.
initCritInitialize an MBO infill criterion.
initSMBOInitialize a manual sequential MBO run.
makeMBOControlSet MBO options.
makeMBOLearnerGenerate default learner.
makeMBOTrafoFunctionCreate a transformation function for MBOExampleRun.
mboOptimizes a function with sequential model based...
mboContinueContinues an mbo run from a save-file.
mboFinalizeFinalizes an mbo run from a save-file.
MBOInfillCritCreate an infill criterion.
MBOMultiObjResultMulti-Objective result object.
mbo_OptPathOptPath in mlrMBO
mbo_parallelParallelization in mlrMBO
MBOSingleObjResultSingle-Objective result object.
mlrMBO_examplesmlrMBO examples
OptProblemOptProblem object.
OptResultOptResult object.
OptStateOptState object.
plotExampleRunRenders plots for exampleRun objects and displays them.
plotMBOResultMBO Result Plotting
plot.OptStateGenerate ggplot2 Object
print.MBOControlPrint mbo control object.
proposePointsPropose candidates for the objective function
renderExampleRunPlotRenders plots for exampleRun objects, either in 1D or 2D, or...
setMBOControlInfillExtends mbo control object with infill criteria and infill...
setMBOControlMultiObjSet multi-objective options.
setMBOControlMultiPointSet multipoint proposal options.
setMBOControlTerminationSet termination options.
trafosTransformation methods.
updateSMBOUpdates SMBO with the new observations
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