modelObj: A Model Object Framework for Regression Analysis

A utility library to facilitate the generalization of statistical methods built on a regression framework. Package developers can use 'modelObj' methods to initiate a regression analysis without concern for the details of the regression model and the method to be used to obtain parameter estimates. The specifics of the regression step are left to the user to define when calling the function. The user of a function developed within the 'modelObj' framework creates as input a 'modelObj' that contains the model and the R methods to be used to obtain parameter estimates and to obtain predictions. In this way, a user can easily go from linear to non-linear models within the same package.

AuthorShannon T. Holloway
Date of publication2015-06-10 19:18:39
MaintainerShannon T. Holloway <>

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buildModelObj Man page
coef Man page
coef,modelObjFit-method Man page
fit Man page
fit,modelObj,data.frame,vector-method Man page
fitObject Man page
fitObject,modelObjFit-method Man page
model Man page
model,modelObj-method Man page
modelObj-class Man page
modelObjFit-class Man page
modelObj-package Man page
plot Man page
plot,modelObjFit-method Man page
predict Man page
predict,modelObjFit-method Man page
predictor Man page
predictorArgs Man page
predictorArgs<- Man page
predictorArgs<--methods Man page
predictorArgs,modelObjFit-method Man page
predictorArgs<-,modelObj-method Man page
predictorArgs,modelObj-method Man page
predictor,modelObjFit-method Man page
predictor,modelObj-method Man page
residuals Man page
residuals,modelObjFit-method Man page
show,modelObjFit-method Man page
solver Man page
solverArgs Man page
solverArgs<- Man page
solverArgs<-,modelObj-method Man page
solverArgs,modelObj-method Man page
solver,modelObj-method Man page
summary,modelObjFit-method Man page

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