Man pages for modelObj
A Model Object Framework for Regression Analysis

buildModelObjCreate an Object of Class modelObj
fitObtain parameter estimates
fitObjectRetrieve Regression Object
internal-fitExecute Regression/Prediction Method
internal-predictObtain predictions
methodRetrieve the method
methodArgsRetrieve the arguments to be passed to method
methodObj-classClass 'methodObj'
methodObjPredict-classClass 'methodObjPredict'
methodObjSolver-classClass 'methodObjSolver'
methodObjSolverFormula-classClass 'methodObjSolverFormula'
methodObjSolverXY-classClass 'methodObjSolverXY'
modelRetrieve model
modelObjClass 'modelObj'
modelObjFitClass 'modelObjFit'
modelObj-internal-apiHidden methods
newMethodObjCreate an object of class methodObj
newMethodObjPredictCreate an object of class methodObjPredict
newMethodObjSolverCreate an object of class methodObjSolver
newMethodObjSolverFormulaCreate an object of class methodObjSolverFormula
newMethodObjSolverXYCreate an object of class methodObjSolverXY
predictModel Predictions
predictorRetrieve Prediction Method
predictorArgsRetrieve Predictor Arguments
solverRetrieve Solver Method
solverArgsRetrieve Solver Arguments
warnMsgGenerate Warning that Method Does not Exist
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