Man pages for modeltime.resample
Resampling Tools for Time Series Forecasting

get_target_text_from_resamplesGets the target variable as text from unnested resamples
m750_training_resamples_fittedTime Series Cross Validation Resample Predictions (Results)...
mdl_time_fit_resamplesModeltime Fit Resample Helpers
modeltime_fit_resamplesFits Models in a Modeltime Table to Resamples
modeltime_resample_accuracyCalculate Accuracy Metrics from Modeltime Resamples
pipePipe operator
plot_modeltime_resamplesInteractive Resampling Accuracy Plots
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
time_series_cvTime Series Resampling Sets and Plans
unnest_modeltime_resamplesUnnests the Results of Modeltime Fit Resamples
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