moduleColor: Basic Module Functions

Methods for color labeling, calculation of eigengenes, merging of closely related modules.

AuthorPeter Langfelder <> and Steve Horvath <>
Date of publication2014-11-26 08:15:24
MaintainerPeter Langfelder <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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checkSets Man page
collectGarbage Man page
consensusMEDissimilarity Man page
consensusOrderMEs Man page
fixDataStructure Man page
labels2colors Man page
mergeCloseModules Man page
moduleColor Man page
moduleColor.getMEprefix Man page
moduleColor-package Man page
moduleColor.revisionDate Man page
moduleColor.setMEprefix Man page
moduleColor.version Man page
moduleEigengenes Man page
moduleNumber Man page
multiSetMEs Man page
normalizeLabels Man page
orderMEs Man page
plotHclustColors Man page
removeGreyME Man page
standardColors Man page

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