Man pages for moduleColor
Basic Module Functions

checkSetsCheck structure and retrieve sizes of a group of datasets.
collectGarbageIterative garbage collection.
consensusMEDissimilarityConsensus dissimilarity of module eigengenes.
consensusOrderMEsPut close eigenvectors next to each other in several sets.
fixDataStructurePut single-set data into a form useful for multiset...
labels2colorsConvert numerical labels to colors.
mergeCloseModulesMerge close modules of gene expression data.
moduleColor.getMEprefixGet the prefix used to label module eigengenes.
moduleColor-packageBasic Module Functions
moduleColor.revisionDateGet the last revision date of the package.
moduleColor.setMEprefixSet the prefix used to label module eigengenes.
moduleColor.versionGet the version number of the package.
moduleEigengenesCalculate module eigengenes.
moduleNumberFixed-height cut of a dendrogram.
multiSetMEsCalculate module eigengenes.
normalizeLabelsTransform numerical labels into normal order.
orderMEsPut close eigenvectors next to each other
plotHclustColorsPlot color rows corresponding to modules
removeGreyMERemoves the grey eigengene from a given collection of...
standardColorsColors this library uses for labeling modules.
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