Man pages for monitoR
Acoustic Template Detection in R

batchDetectionBatch Template Detection
bindEventsSummarize/Archive Manually Derived Sound Events
btnwBlack-Throated Green Warbler (_Setophaga virens_) Song
changeSampRateResample Wave objects
collapseClipsSummarize/Archive Song Events
combineTemplatesCombine Acoustic Template Lists
compareTemplatesCompare Performance of Templates
cutWaveExtract Shorter Wave Objects from other Wave Objects
dbDownloadRetrieve Card-Recorder ID Values or Survey Names from a...
dbDownloadResultCreate 'detectionList' Objects from Data Stored in a Database
dbDownloadTemplateRetrieve templates from an acoustics database
dbSchemaUpload a MySQL Database Schema to Create Tables in an...
dbUploadAnnoUpload Spectrogram Annotations to an Acoustics Database
dbUploadResultUpload Detection Results to an Acoustics Database
dbUploadSurveyUpload Survey Metadata to an Acoustics Database
dbUploadTemplateUpload Acoustic Templates to a Database
detectionList-classClass '"detectionList"'
eventEvalEvaluate Detected Events with Known Event Sources and Times
fileCopyRenameCopy and Rename Sound Files from Portable Media
findPeaksFind Score Peaks and Detections in a 'templateScores' Object
getDetectionsExtract Detections or Peaks from a 'detectionList' Object
getTemplatesExtract a Template List
index-methodsIndexing (Extraction) Methods for 'monitoR' Package
internals'monitoR' Internal Functions
makeTemplateMake an Acoustic Template
monitoR-packageAutomated Acoustic Monitoring-overview and examples
mp3SubsampExtract Short Surveys from Longer mp3 Recordings
ovenOvenbird (_Seiurus aurocapilla_) Song
plot-methodsMethods for the 'plot' Function
readMP3Read MP3 Files into a Wave Object
readTemplatesRead Acoustic Templates from a Local Disk
show-methodsMethods for the 'show' and 'summary' Functions
showPeaksView or Verify Detections or Peaks
specColsColor Vectors for Spectrograms
surveySample Acoustic Survey (Short)
survey_annoAnnotations for 'survey'
Template-classClass '"Template"'
templateCommentQuery or Set Template Cutoffs
templateCutoffQuery or Set Template Cutoffs
TemplateList-classClass '"TemplateList"'
templateMatchingCalculate Spectrogram Template Matching Scores
templateNamesNames of Templates
templatePathSong clip path of Templates
templateScores-classClass '"templateScores"'
timeAlignCondense Detections or Peaks from Multiple Templates
viewSpecInteractively View and Annotate Spectrograms
writeTemplatesWrite Acoustic Templates to Text Files
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