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These functions are used by other functions in the monitoR package, but are not intended to be called by users. The functions are: dBweight, ftwindow, hamming.w, hanning.w, blackman.w, flattop.w, rectangle.w, rbindf, spectro, stft, findDetections, getClip, getOneClip, readClip, readOneBinTemplate, readOneCorTemplate, writeOneBinTemplate, writeOneCorTemplate, and


The first six functions listed above are functions of the same name in the excellent seewave package, written by Jerome Sueur, Thierry Aubin, and Caroline Simonis. Except for spectro, these functions were copied directly from seewave. Our version of spectro is used only for the Fourier transform here, and so excludes the plotting options of the seewave version, and also includes a few small changes in identifying values for time and frequency bins. The remaining five functions taken from seewave are called only by the spectro function. The author list given below includes the seewave authors to acknowledge our use of their code. The remaining seven functions listed above are used to read audio files or read and write templates to file. To carry out these tasks, users should use the functions listed below in the “See Also” section.


Sasha D. Hafner, Jon Katz, Jerome Sueur, Thierry Aubin, Caroline Simonis

See Also

writeWave, readWave, writeBinTemplates, writeCorTemplates, readBinTemplates, readCorTemplates, spectro

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