Man pages for monoClust
Perform Monothetic Clustering with Extensions to Circular Data

as_MonoClustCoerce Similar Object to MonoClust
centroidFind Centroid of the Cluster
checkemFirst Gate Function
circ_arithAdd/Subtract Circular Values in Degrees/Radian
circ_distDistance Matrix of Circular Variables
cluster_statsCluster Statistics Calculation
create_labelsCreate Labels for Split Variables
cv.testCross-Validation Test on MonoClust
error_barMake Error Bars
find_closestFind the Closest Cut
find_splitFind the Best Split
ggcvGGPlot the Mean Square Error with Error Bar for +/- 1...
ggpcpParallel Coordinates Plot with Circular Variables
inertia_calcCluster Inertia Calculation
is_MonoClustTest If The Object is A MonoClust
make_jump_tableCreate Jump Table
medoidFind Medoid of the Cluster
MonoClustMonothetic Clustering
MonoClust.objectMonothetic Clustering Tree Object
monoClust-packagemonoClust: Perform Monothetic Clustering with Extensions to...
new_nodeCreate A New Node for Split Data Frame
perm.testPermutation Test on Monothetic Tree the Mean Square Error with Error Bar for +/- 1 Standard...
plot.MonoClustPlot MonoClust Splitting Rule Tree
plot_prep_branchCalculate Branch Coordinates
plot_prep_nodeCalculate Nodes Coordinates
plot_treePlot the monoClust Tree.
predict.MonoClustPredictions from a MonoClust Object MonoClust Cross-Validation Result
print.MonoClustPrint Monothetic Clustering Results
splitterSplit Function
test_splitHypothesis Test at Split
text_treeImplementation of Print Labels on MonoClust Tree
to_deg_radTransform Between Degree and Radian
tree_depthFind Tree Depth Based on Node Indexes
tree_walkTraverse a Tree to Find the Leaves (Terminal Nodes)
wind_sensit_2007Existence of Microorganisms Carried in Wind
wind_sensit_2008Existence of Microorganisms Carried in Wind
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