wind_sensit_2007: Existence of Microorganisms Carried in Wind

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Data set is a part of a study on microorganisms carried in strong f\"ohn winds at the Bonney Riegel location of Taylor Valley, an ice free area in the Antarctic continent. Wind direction and wind speed data were obtained from the meteorological station. Wind direction was recorded every 30 seconds and wind speeds every 4 seconds at 1.15 meters above the ground surface. The recorded wind directions and speeds were averaged at 15 minute intervals. For wind direction, as discussed previously, winds from the north are defined as 0/360 degrees and from the east as 90 degrees. 2007 data were collected from August 4–11, 2007.




A data frame with 671 rows and 3 variables:


A binary variable of the existence of particles in the wind (1) or not (0).


Wind speed measured in m/s.


Wind direction in degree with 0 indicates "from the north" and 90 degrees indicate "from the east".


Sabacka, M., Priscu, J. C., Basagic, H. J., Fountain, A. G., Wall, D. H., Virginia, R. A., and Greenwood, M. C. (2012). "Aeolian flux of biotic and abiotic material in Taylor Valley, Antarctica". In: Geomorphology 155-156, pp. 102-111. issn: 0169555X. doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2011.12.009.

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