monogeneaGM: Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Monogenean Anchors

Geometric morphometric and evolutionary biology analyses of anchor shape from four-anchored monogeneans.

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AuthorTsung Fei Khang
Date of publication2016-02-13 00:50:28
MaintainerTsung Fei Khang <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

anglecheck: Angle swept by a ray

anglePolygon: Internal angles of a polygon

boxplotSort: Median-ordered box plot

colorBar: Add a color bar

estimated_ancestral_va: Estimated Generalized Procrustes Analysis (GPA) coordinates...

heatmapAnnot: Annotated heat map

hsplot: Scatter plot with marginal histograms

liewi_gpa: Array data of Generalized Procrustes Analysis (GPA)...

ligophorus_shape: Shape variable data for 13 _Ligophorus_ species

ligophorus_tpsdata: Raw landmark coordinate data for 13 _Ligophorus_ species

ligotree: Maximum likelihood tree for 13 _Ligophorus_ species

matrix2list: Partitioning a matrix by row into objects of a list

matrix2list.2: Partitioning a matrix by row labels into objects of a list

pca2d: Principal component analyis

pcloadhm: Heat map representation of principal component loadings of...

plotCircular: Circular plot

plotLM: Scatter plot of Generalized Procrustes Analysis (GPA)...

polyVis: Wireframe plot of monogenean anchor

procrustesFit: Generalized Procrustes Analysis

procrustesFit.2: Mass Extraction of Generalized Procrustes Analysis...

pwdist: Pairwise Euclidean distances between landmarks

pwed_pd: Physical distance between landmarks in ventral and dorsal...

Qscore: Data quality control

shapeEvo: Statistical test of deviation from directional uniformity and...

spcolmap: Species-color map

stdLM: Standardization of landmark configuration by a reference...

tpColorPlot2d: Color-annotated scatter plot with transparency control

tpColorPlot3d: Color-annotated three-dimensional scatter plot with...

tpsRead: Reading tps files into R

va_mean: Mean Generalized Procrustes Analysis (GPA) coordinates for...


anglecheck Man page
anglePolygon Man page
boxplotSort Man page
colorBar Man page
estimated_ancestral_va Man page
heatmapAnnot Man page
hsplot Man page
liewi_gpa Man page
ligophorus_shape Man page
ligophorus_tpsdata Man page
ligotree Man page
matrix2list Man page
matrix2list.2 Man page
pca2d Man page
pcloadhm Man page
plotCircular Man page
plotLM Man page
polyVis Man page
procrustesFit Man page
procrustesFit.2 Man page
pwdist Man page
pwed_pd Man page
Qscore Man page
shapeEvo Man page
spcolmap Man page
stdLM Man page
tpColorPlot2d Man page
tpColorPlot3d Man page
tpsRead Man page
va_mean Man page

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