Man pages for moreparty
A Toolbox for Conditional Inference Random Forests

BivariateAssocBivariate association measures for supervised learning tasks.
fastcforestParallelized conditional inference random forest
fastvarImpVariable importance for conditional inference random forests
fastvarImpAUCVariable importance (with AUC performance measure) for...
FeatureSelectionFeature selection for conditional random forests.
GetAleDataAccumulated Local Effects for a conditional random forest.
GetCtreeGets a tree from a conditional random forest
GetInteractionStrengthStrength of interactions
GetPartialDataPartial dependence for a conditional random forest.
GetSplitStatsPermutation tests results for each split in a conditional...
ggForestEffectsDot plot of covariates effects
ggVarImpDot plot of variable importance
OutliersComputes outliers
PrototypesPrototypes of groups
SurrogateTreeSurrogate tree for conditional inference random forests
titanicTitanic dataset
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