mortaar_life_table: mortaar_life_table and mortaar_life_table_list

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mortaar_life_table and mortaar_life_table_list


The mortaar_life_table is the central data structure of the mortAAR package. It's a data.frame with set of custom methods and variables. Please see mortAAR::life.table for a description of the variables. Further available variables are ignored.
If an object is of class data.frame or tibble (tbl & tbl_df), it can be converted to an object of class mortaar_life_table. The only requirement is that it contains at least the essential columns a and Dx. The as function adds the string "mortaar_life_table" to the classes vector.
The mortaar_life_table_list is a list of mortaar_life_tables. It can contain the additional attribute group that stores a string with the name of the grouping variable relevant for the separation of the different mortaar_life_tables in the list. The group variable is only relevant for plot and print aesthetics.


as.mortaar_life_table_list(x, ...)

as.mortaar_life_table(x, ...)



an object


further arguments passed to or from other methods


# a mortaar_life_table can be put together manually:
as.mortaar_life_table(data.frame(a = c(20, 20, 20), Dx = c(10, 15, 20)))

# a mortaar_life_table_list can be constructed from multiple mortaar_life_tables
schleswig <- as.mortaar_life_table_list(
    "schleswig data 1" = life.table(schleswig_ma[c("a", "Dx")]),
    "schleswig data 2" = life.table(schleswig_ma[c("a", "Dx")])

# you can add new mortaar_life_tables to plot them with the others
schleswig$`schleswig data 3` <- life.table(schleswig_ma[c("a", "Dx")])
schleswig[["schleswig data 4"]] <- life.table(schleswig_ma[c("a", "Dx")])

# and you can create arbitrary subsets of mortaar_life_table_lists
schleswig_data_3 <- schleswig$`schleswig data 3`
schleswig_data_1_3_4 <- schleswig[c(1,3,4)]

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