expressions_pro: Synthetic protein expression data for 600 genes.

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A dataset containing the names and protein expression values for 600 synthetically generated samples. This example data has time points from 2 to 48 hours with 2 hour resolution and 3 replicates. Random missing data is also included. Expression labels are the same as the corresponding protein dataset, expressions_rna. Synthetic data was created by randomly selecting parameters for the ECHO, ECHO Joint, ECHO Linear, ECHO Linear Joint, linear, and exponential models, then adding random noise to each expression, as described in H. De los Santos, et al. (2020). There is a 2:1 ratio of non-oscillatory to oscillatory models. See linked paper in vignette for more information.




A data frame with 600 rows and 73 variables (column 1: sample labels, columns to 2 to 73: numerical values for protein expression in the format TPX.Y (time point X, replicate Y)).


Note the data format: its first column first column has gene labels/names, and all other columns have expression data. This expression data is ordered by time point then by replicate, and has evenly spaced time points. Any missing data has cells left blank (NA). Labels have same exact labels as corresponding RNA data.

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