slickEvaluateFitness: Compute the Fitness of Individuals

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slickEvaluateFitnessR Documentation

Compute the Fitness of Individuals


Takes a list of individuals population and evaluates the fitness with varying fidelity, if specified.

A list is returned with two elements, one being the list of individuals and one being the matrix of fitness values. In the matrix each column represents the fitness values of one individual. For consistency, a matrix is also returned for single objective fitness function.


slickEvaluateFitness(ctrl, population, fidelity = NULL, previous.points = NULL)



[ecr_control] control object.


[list] list of individuals to evaluate.


[numeric] vector of fidelity, with one or two elements. If this has one element, it is directly passed on to the fitness function. If it has two elements, the fitness function is first evaluated with the first fidelity; if the resulting point dominates the population given in population it is again evaluated with the second fidelity given, and the result is averaged weighted by the fidelity parameter.


[matrix] population to compare points to if fidelity has two elements. Otherwise not used.


list(population = list, fitness = matrix)

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