mousetrap: Process and Analyze Mouse-Tracking Data

Mouse-tracking, the analysis of mouse movements in computerized experiments, is a method that is becoming increasingly popular in the cognitive sciences. The mousetrap package offers functions for importing, preprocessing, analyzing, aggregating, and visualizing mouse-tracking data.

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AuthorPascal J. Kieslich [aut, cre], Dirk U. Wulff [aut], Felix Henninger [aut], Jonas M. B. Haslbeck [aut], Sarah Brockhaus [ctb]
Date of publication2017-02-11 00:45:45
MaintainerPascal J. Kieslich <>

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Man pages

bimodality_coefficient: Calculate bimodality coefficient.

mousetrap: Process and analyze mouse-tracking data

mt_add_trajectory: Add new trajectory to trajectory array.

mt_add_variables: Add new variables to trajectory array.

mt_aggregate: Aggregate mouse-tracking data per condition.

mt_aggregate_per_subject: Aggregate mouse-tracking data per condition separately for...

mt_align: Align trajectories.

mt_align_start: Align start position of trajectories.

mt_align_start_end: Align start and end position of trajectories.

mt_angles: Calculate movement angles.

mt_average: Average trajectories across intervals.

mt_bind: Join two trajectory arrays

mt_check_bimodality: Assess bimodality of mouse-tracking measure distributions.

mt_check_resolution: Check logging resolution by looking at timestamp differences.

mt_cluster: Cluster trajectories.

mt_cluster_k: Estimate optimal number of clusters.

mt_count: Count number of observations.

mt_derivatives: Calculate distance, velocity, and acceleration.

mt_deviations: Calculate deviations from idealized trajectory.

mt_distmat: Compute distance matrix.

mt_example: A mousetrap data object.

mt_example_raw: Raw mouse-tracking dataset for demonstrations of the...

mt_exclude_initiation: Exclude initial phase without mouse movement.

mt_export_long: Export mouse-tracking data.

mt_import_long: Import mouse-tracking data saved in long format.

mt_import_mousetrap: Import mouse-tracking data recorded using the mousetrap...

mt_import_wide: Import mouse-tracking data saved in wide format.

mt_map: Map trajectories to prototypes.

mt_measures: Calculate mouse-tracking measures.

mt_plot: Plot trajectory data.

mt_plot_add_rect: Add rectangles to trajectory plot.

mt_plot_per_trajectory: Create PDF with separate plots per trajectory.

mt_plot_riverbed: Plot density of mouse positions across time steps.

mt_prototypes: Mouse trajectory prototypes.

mt_remap_symmetric: Remap mouse trajectories.

mt_resample: Resample trajectories using a constant time interval.

mt_reshape: General-purpose reshape and aggregation function for...

mt_sample_entropy: Calculate sample entropy.

mt_space_normalize: Space normalize trajectories.

mt_spatialize: Spatialize trajectories.

mt_standardize: Standardize mouse-tracking measures per level of other...

mt_subset: Filter mousetrap data.

mt_time_normalize: Time normalize trajectories.

read_mt: Read MouseTracker raw data.

reexports: Objects exported from other packages

scale_within: Scale and center variables within the levels of another...


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bimodality_coefficient Man page
mousetrap Man page
mousetrap-package Man page
mt_add_trajectory Man page
mt_add_variables Man page
mt_aggregate Man page
mt_aggregate_per_subject Man page
mt_align Man page
mt_align_start Man page
mt_align_start_end Man page
mt_angles Man page
mt_average Man page
mt_bind Man page
mt_check_bimodality Man page
mt_check_resolution Man page
mt_cluster Man page
mt_cluster_k Man page
mt_count Man page
mt_derivatives Man page
mt_deviations Man page
mt_distmat Man page
mt_example Man page
mt_example_raw Man page
mt_exclude_initiation Man page
mt_export_long Man page
mt_export_wide Man page
mt_import_long Man page
mt_import_mousetrap Man page
mt_import_wide Man page
mt_map Man page
mt_measures Man page
mt_plot Man page
mt_plot_add_rect Man page
mt_plot_aggregate Man page
mt_plot_per_trajectory Man page
mt_plot_riverbed Man page
mt_prototypes Man page
mt_remap_symmetric Man page
mt_resample Man page
mt_reshape Man page
mt_sample_entropy Man page
mt_space_normalize Man page
mt_spatialize Man page
mt_standardize Man page
mt_subset Man page
mt_time_normalize Man page
read_mt Man page
reexports Man page
scale_within Man page


R/utils.R R/read_mt.R R/check.R R/aggregate.R R/preprocess.R R/cluster_k.R R/distmat.R R/map.R R/data.R R/align.R R/deviations.R R/import.R R/standardize.R R/RcppExports.R R/cluster.R R/reshape.R R/sample_entropy.R R/angles.R R/export.R R/mousetrap.R R/spatialize.R R/startupmessage.R R/visualize.R R/add.R R/derivatives.R R/measures.R R/riverbed.R R/bimodality.R R/dynlib.R
man/mt_subset.Rd man/mt_angles.Rd man/mt_map.Rd man/mt_export_long.Rd man/mt_aggregate_per_subject.Rd man/mt_import_long.Rd man/mt_bind.Rd man/mt_reshape.Rd man/mt_derivatives.Rd man/mt_remap_symmetric.Rd man/mt_plot_per_trajectory.Rd man/mt_plot_add_rect.Rd man/mousetrap.Rd man/mt_example_raw.Rd man/read_mt.Rd man/mt_space_normalize.Rd man/mt_cluster_k.Rd man/mt_cluster.Rd man/mt_time_normalize.Rd man/mt_measures.Rd man/scale_within.Rd man/mt_align.Rd man/mt_example.Rd man/mt_deviations.Rd man/mt_add_trajectory.Rd man/mt_aggregate.Rd man/mt_import_wide.Rd man/mt_prototypes.Rd man/mt_align_start.Rd man/mt_plot.Rd man/mt_distmat.Rd man/reexports.Rd man/mt_exclude_initiation.Rd man/mt_check_resolution.Rd man/mt_count.Rd man/mt_align_start_end.Rd man/mt_resample.Rd man/mt_spatialize.Rd man/mt_import_mousetrap.Rd man/mt_add_variables.Rd man/mt_check_bimodality.Rd man/bimodality_coefficient.Rd man/mt_average.Rd man/mt_standardize.Rd man/mt_plot_riverbed.Rd man/mt_sample_entropy.Rd

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