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Regularized Linear Models

be_zeroinflconduct backward stepwise variable elimination for zero...
breadRegBread for Sandwiches in Regularized Estimators
conv2glmregconvert glm object to class glmreg
conv2zipathconvert zeroinfl object to class zipath
cv.glmregCross-validation for glmreg
cv.glmreg_fitInternal function of cross-validation for glmreg
cv.glmregNBCross-validation for glmregNB
cv.nclregCross-validation for nclreg
cv.nclreg_fitInternal function of cross-validation for nclreg
cv.zipathCross-validation for zipath
estfunRegExtract Empirical First Derivative of Log-likelihood Function
glmregfit a GLM with lasso (or elastic net), snet or mnet...
glmreg_fitInternal function to fit a GLM with lasso (or elastic net),...
glmregNBfit a negative binomial model with lasso (or elastic net),...
hessianRegHessian Matrix of Regularized Estimators
meatRegMeat Matrix Estimator
methodsMethods for mpath Objects
mpath-internalInternal mpath functions
nclfit a nonconvex loss based robust linear model
ncl_fitInternal function to fit a nonconvex loss based robust linear...
nclregfit a nonconvex loss based robust linear model with lasso (or...
nclreg_fitInternal function to fit a nonconvex loss based robust linear...
plot.glmregplot coefficients from a "glmreg" object
predict.glmregModel predictions based on a fitted "glmreg" object.
predict.zipathMethods for zipath Objects
p_zipathcompute p-values from penalized zero-inflated model with...
rzirandom number generation of zero-inflated count response
sandwichRegMaking Sandwiches with Bread and Meat for Regularized...
seStandard Error of Regularized Estimators
stanstandardize variables
summary.glmregNBSummary Method Function for Objects of Class 'glmregNB'
tuning_zipathfind optimal path for penalized zero-inflated model
zipathFit zero-inflated count data linear model with lasso (or...
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