Man pages for mrf2d
Markov Random Field Models for Image Analysis

basis_functionsCreation of basis functions
bold5000BOLD5000 neuroimaging data
cpmrf2dConditional probabilities in a pixel position
data_examplesExample Data
dplotPlotting functions for lattice data
fit_ghmEM estimation for Gaussian Hidden Markov field
fit_plMaximum Pseudo-likelihood fitting of MRFs on 2d lattices.
fit_saStochastic Approximation fitting of MRFs on 2d lattices
hmrfoutMRF fitting functions output
mrf2d-familyParameter restriction families
mrf2d-packagemrf2d: Markov Random Field Models for Image Analysis
mrfi-classmrfi: MRF interaction structure
mrfoutMRF fitting functions output
pl_mrf2dPseudo-likelihood function for MRFs on 2d lattices
plot.mrfiPlotting of 'mrfi' objects.
rmrf2dSampling of Markov Random Fields on 2d lattices
rmrf2d_mcMarkov Chain sampling of MRFs for Monte-Carlo methods
smr_arraySummarized representation of theta arrays
smr_statSummary Statistics
Z_pottsExample objects from 'mrf2d'
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