bold5000: BOLD5000 neuroimaging data

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An image extracted from the "BOLD5000" open dataset. It was read from the file in path BOLD5000/DS001499/SUB-CSI2/SES-16/ANAT/SUB-CSI2_SES-16_T1W.NII.GZ, available at the OpenNeuro platform (




An object of class matrix (inherits from array) with 176 rows and 256 columns.


The file was read using the oro.nifti package and the image was extracted from the matrix in slice 160.


Chang, N., Pyles, J. A., Marcus, A., Gupta, A., Tarr, M. J., & Aminoff, E. M. (2019). BOLD5000, a public fMRI dataset while viewing 5000 visual images. Scientific data, 6(1), 1-18.

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A paper with detailed description of the package can be found at

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