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R package to create, modify and visualize graphs with multiple layers.


Network theory has been used for many years in the modeling and analysis of complex systems, as epidemiology, biology and biomedicine . As the data evolves and becomes more heterogeneous and complex, monoplex networks become an oversimplification of the corresponding systems. This imposes a need to go beyond traditional networks into a richer framework capable of hosting objects and relations of different scales, called Multilayered Network **Mully**, **mul**ti**l**a**y**er networks, is an R package that provides a multilayer network framework. Using this package, the user can create, modify and visualize graphs with multiple layers. This package is an extension to the [igraph package]( that provides a monolayer graph framework. The package is implemented as a part of [the Multipath Project]( directed by [Dr. Frank Kramer]( .

Creating graphs

mully, addLayer, addNode, addEdge, removeLayer, removeNode, removeEdge, getNodeAttributes, getEdgeAttributes


plot.mully, plot3d

Further information

More information and references can be found in the mully paper:

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