wcgs: Subset of Data from Western Collaborative Group Study

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A subset of the data from the Western Collaborative Group Study (described in Rosenman et al. 1975)




A data frame containing the following variables (all are type integer except for bmi, which is double):

  • chd69: Outcome variable – did subject get CHD by end of follow up (1969)?

  • sbp0: Systolic blood pressure at baseline.

  • dbp0: Diastolic blood pressure at baseline.

  • chol0: Fasting serum cholesterol at baseline (contains 12 missing values – NA).

  • ncigs0: Cigarettes per day.

  • dibpat0: Behavior type – 1 = type A, 2 = type B.

  • age0: Age in years at baseline.

  • height0: Height in inches.

  • weight0: Weight in lbs.

  • bmi0: BMI based on height0 and weight0.


Rosenman RH, Brand RJ, Jenkins CD, Friedman M, Straus R, Wurm M (1975). "Coronary Heart Disease in the Western Collaborative Group Study. Final Follow-up Experience of 8 1/2 Years." JAMA, 233(8), 872-7.

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