Man pages for multinma
Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis of Individual and Aggregate Data

aa_example_pso_mlnmrExample plaque psoriasis ML-NMR
aa_example_smk_feExample smoking FE NMA
aa_example_smk_reExample smoking RE NMA
aa_example_smk_umeExample smoking UME NMA
adapt_deltaTarget average acceptance probability
add_integrationAdd numerical integration points to aggregate data
as.array.stan_nmaConvert samples into arrays, matrices, or data frames
atrial_fibrillationStroke prevention in atrial fibrillation patients
bcg_vaccineBCG vaccination
BernoulliThe Bernoulli Distribution
blockerBeta blockers to prevent mortality after MI
combine_networkCombine multiple data sources into one network
default_valuesSet default values
diabetesIncidence of diabetes in trials of antihypertensive drugs
dicDeviance Information Criterion (DIC)
dietary_fatReduced dietary fat to prevent mortality
distrSpecify a general marginal distribution
GammaDistThe Gamma distribution
generalised_tGeneralised Student's t distribution (with location and...
graph_conversionConvert networks to graph objects
hta_psoriasisHTA Plaque Psoriasis
is_network_connectedCheck network connectedness
logitNormalThe logit Normal distribution
looModel comparison using the 'loo' package
mcmc_array-classWorking with 3D MCMC arrays
multiMultinomial outcome data
multinma-packagemultinma: A Package for Network Meta-Analysis of Individual...
nmaNetwork meta-analysis models
nma_data-classThe nma_data class
nma_dic-classThe nma_dic class
nma_prior-classThe nma_prior class
nma_summary-classThe 'nma_summary' class
nma_summary-methodsMethods for 'nma_summary' objects
pairs.stan_nmaMatrix of plots for a 'stan_nma' object
parkinsonsMean off-time reduction in Parkison's disease
plaque_psoriasisPlaque psoriasis data
plot_integration_errorPlot numerical integration error
plot.nma_dataNetwork plots
plot.nma_dicPlots of model fit diagnostics
plot.nma_summaryPlots of summary results
plot_prior_posteriorPlot prior vs posterior distribution
posterior_ranksTreatment rankings and rank probabilities
predict.stan_nmaPredictions of absolute effects from NMA models
print.nma_dataPrint 'nma_data' objects
print.nma_dicPrint DIC details
print.stan_nmaPrint 'stan_nma' objects
priorsPrior distributions
random_effectsRandom effects structure
relative_effectsRelative treatment effects
set_agd_armSet up arm-based aggregate data
set_agd_contrastSet up contrast-based aggregate data
set_ipdSet up individual patient data
smokingSmoking cessation data
stan_nma-classThe stan_nma class
statinsStatins for cholesterol lowering
summary.nma_priorSummary of prior distributions
summary.stan_nmaPosterior summaries from 'stan_nma' objects
theme_multinmaPlot theme for multinma plots
thrombolyticsThrombolytic treatments data
transfusionGranulocyte transfusion in patients with neutropenia or...
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