Man pages for multipleNCC
Weighted Cox-Regression for Nested Case-Control Data

ChenprobSampling probabilities estimated with local averaging.
CVD_AccidentsCauses of death in three counties in Norway in 1974-2000
GAMprobSampling probabilities estimated with generalized additive...
GLMprobSampling probabilities estimated with logistic regression.
KMprobSampling probabilities estimated with a Kaplan-Meier type...
ModelbasedVarModelbased variance using Kaplan-Meier weights
multipleNCC-internalInternal function
multipleNCC-packageWeighted partial likelihood for nested case-control data
pGAMGenerlaized additive model weights
pGLMLogistic regression weights
pKMKaplan-Meier weights
PoststratVarModelbased variance using Chen-weights
print.wplPrint a wpl object
summary.wplSummary method for wpl
wplWeighted partial likelihood for nested case-control data
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