multipleNCC-package: Weighted partial likelihood for nested case-control data

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Fits Cox proportional hazards models with a weigthed partial likelihood. It handles competing risks (with one endpoint being a special situation). It uses cases and controls from other endpoints as additional controls for each endpoint. See wpl for help.

Four weight estimators are implemented; Kaplan-Meier type KMprob, GAM (GAMprob), GLM (GLMprob) and local averaging (Chenprob)


Package: multipleNCC
Type: Package
Version: 1.2-1
Date: 2016-04-16
License: GPL-2
LazyLoad: yes


Nathalie C. Stoer

Maintainer: <>


Samuelsen, SO. (1997) A pseudolikelihood approach to analysis of nested case-control studies. Biometrika 84(2), 379-394
Samuelsen, SO., et al. (2007) Stratified case-cohort analysis of general cohort sampling designs. Scand J Stat 34(1), 103-119
Chen, KN. (2001) Generalized case-cohort sampling. J Roy Stat Soc Ser B 63(4), 791 - 809
Stoer NC and Samuelsen SO (2012): Comparison of estimators in nested case-control studies with multiple outcomes. Lifetime Data Analysis, 18(3), 261-283.

See Also

wpl, coxph, Chenprob, GLMprob, GAMprob, KMprob

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