Man pages for multitaper
Spectral Analysis Tools using the Multitaper Method

centreCentres (converts to zero-mean) the time series.
CETdailyCentral England Temperature daily time series
CETmonthlyCentral England Temperature monthly time series
demod.dpssComputes complex demodulates using multiple taper techniques
dpssCompute Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences
dpssToEigenvaluesCompute eigenvalues for the Discrete Prolate Spheroidal...
dropFreqsTruncate mtm or mtm.coh Objects in Frequency
HadCRUTnhHadCRUT Land Temperature Anomaly (Northern Hemisphere) Series
mlco2Mauna Loa Observatory CO2 Monthly Averages
mtm.cohCompute and plot the multitaper magnitude-squared coherence.
multitaperTrendEstimate Linear Trend using Multitaper Techniques
percivalAR4Auto Regressive Series generated by Don Percival at Applied...
plot.mtmCompute and plot the multitaper spectrum estimate
plot.mtm.cohCompute and plot the multitaper magnitude-squared coherence.
sineTaperComputes sine tapers
spec.mtmCompute and plot multitaper spectrum estimates
willametteWillamette River time series
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