Man pages for multivator
A Multivariate Emulator

apartDecompose a matrix with multiple columns of dependent...
as.separateSplit an object of class 'experiment' into a list of...
betahatVarious intermediate expressions needed by the multivariate...
compatibleAre two objects compatible?
default_LoFDefault List of functions
e3mgOutput from computer model e3mg
experimentMultivatriate hyperparameter (mhp) objects
headHead and tail
ipdPositive definite matrices
mcneallDataset due to McNeall
mdmMultivariate design matrices
mhpMultivatriate hyperparameter (mhp) objects
mtoysToy datasets
multemThe multivariate emulator
multivator-internalInternal multivator objects
multivator-packageA multivariate emulator
obs_makerCreate observations
optimal_paramsOptimization of the hyperparameters
PrintMethods for printing mhp and mdm objects
showmapFunction to plot the McNeall dataset
ssOverall variance matrix
toy_mm_makerMake a toy mm object
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