Man pages for mvMonitoring
Multi-State Adaptive Dynamic Principal Component Analysis for Multivariate Process Monitoring

dataStateSwitchAlternate Observations in a Data Frame over States
fault1A_xtsProcess Data under a System Shift Fault
fault2A_xtsProcess Data under a System Drift Fault
fault3A_xtsProcess Data under a System Signal Amplification
faultDetectProcess Fault Detection
faultFilterProcess Fault Filtering
faultSwitchInduce the Specified Fault on NOC Observations
mspContributionPlotContribution Plots
mspMonitorReal-Time Process Monitoring Function
mspProcessDataSimulate Normal or Fault Observations from a Single-State or...
mspSPEPlotSquared Prediction Error Contribution Plots
mspSubsetMulti-State Subsetting
mspT2PlotT-Squared Contribution Plots
mspTrainMulti-State Adaptive-Dynamic Process Training
mspWarningProcess Alarms
mvMonitoringA Package for Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring
normal_switch_xtsProcess Data under Normal Conditions
oneDay_cleanReal Process Data for Testing
pcaPCA for Data Scatter Matrix
processMonitorAdaptive Process Training
processNOCdataSimulate NOC Observations from a Single-State or Multi-State...
quantile.densityExtract Quantiles from 'density' Objects
rotate3DThree-Dimensional Rotation Matrix
rotateScale3DThree-Dimensional Rotation and Scaling Matrix
tenDay_cleanReal Process Data for Training
thresholdNon-parametric Threshold Estimation
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