mvbutils: Workspace organization, code and documentation editing, package prep and editing, etc.

Hierarchical workspace tree, code editing and backup, easy package prep, editing of packages while loaded, per-object lazy-loading, easy documentation, macro functions, and miscellaneous utilities. Needed by debug package.

AuthorMark V. Bravington <>
Date of publication2013-04-17 08:24:18
MaintainerMark V. Bravington <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

00mvbutils-package: How to use the mvbutils package Skeletal flat-format documentation

cd: Organizing R workspaces

cdfind: Hierarchy-crawling functions for cd-organized workspaces

cdprompt: Support routine for cd-organized workspace hierarchy.

changed.funs: Show functions and callees in environment 'egood' that have...

ditto.list: Shorthand filler-inner for lists

doc2Rd: Converts plain-text documentation to Rd format

dochelp: Documentation (informal help) Modify a function's scope

dont.lockBindings: Helper for live-editing of packages Prevent sealing of a namespace, to facilitate package...

extract.named: Create variables from corresponding named list elements Read in fixed-width files quickly

find.documented: Support for flat-format documentation

fix.order: Shows functions sorted by date of edit

fixr: Editing functions, text objects, and scriptlets

flatdoc: Flat-format documentation

foodweb: Shows which functions call what

full.path: Expand relative file path

get.backup: Text backups of function source code

hack: Modify standard R functions, including tweaking their default...

help: The R help system

help2flatdoc: Convert help files to flatdoc format.

install.pkg: Package building, distributing, and checking

load.refdb: Cacheing objects for lazy-load access

localfuncs: "Declare" child functions, allowing much tidier code

local.on.exit: Macro-like functions

local.return: Macro-like functions

lsize: Report objects and their memory sizes

maintain.packages: Set up task package for live editing

make.NAMESPACE: Auto-create a NAMESPACE file

make.usage.section: Construct sections of documentation

mcut: Put reals and integers into specified bins, returning...

mlazy: Cacheing objects for lazy-load access

mlocal: Macro-like functions

move: Organizing R workspaces

multirep: Replacement and insertion functions with more/less than 1...

mvb.sys.parent: Functions to Access the Function Call Stack

mvbutils.operators: Utility operators How to create & maintain packages with mvbutils

mvbutils.utils: Miscellaneous utilities

my.index: Arbitrary-level retrieval from and modification of recursive...

pre.install: Update a source and/or installed package from a task package

print: Print values

rbdf: rbind Concatenate data frames by row, keeping any zero-row...

readLines.mvb: Read text lines from a connection

rm.pkg: Remove object(s) from maintained package

Save: Save R objects

search.for.regexpr: Find functions/objects/flatdoc-documentation containing a...

search.task.trees: Locate loaded tasks on search path.

set.presave.hook.mvb: Do something-or-other

setup.mcache: Cacheing objects for lazy-load access

source.mvb: Read R code and data from a file or connection

strip.missing: Exclude "missing" objects

task.home: Organizing R workspaces

unpackage: Convert existing source package into task package

warn.and.subset: Extract subset and warn about omitted cases

write.sourceable.function: Sourceable code for functions (and more) with flat-format...


? Man page
\%**\% Man page
\%&\% Man page Man page Man page Man page
attach.mlazy Man page
autoedit Man page
build.pkg Man page
build.pkg.binary Man page
callees.of Man page
callers.of Man page
cd Man page
cd.change.all.paths Man page
cdfind Man page
cditerate Man page
cdprompt Man page
cdregexpr Man page
cdtree Man page
cd.write.mvb.tasks Man page
changed.funs Man page
check.pkg Man page
clip Man page
cq Man page
create.backups Man page
cull.old.builds Man page
current.source Man page
demlazy Man page
deparse.names.parsably Man page
ditto.list Man page
doc2Rd Man page
dochelp Man page
docotest Man page Man page
dont.lockBindings Man page Man page
\%downto\% Man page Man page Man page
everyth Man page
\%except\% Man page Man page
extract.named Man page Man page
FF Man page
find.docholder Man page
find.documented Man page
find.funs Man page
find.lurking.envs Man page
fix.order Man page
fixr Man page
fixtext Man page
flatdoc Man page
foodweb Man page Man page
full.path Man page
generic.dll.loader Man page
get.backup Man page
\%grepling\% Man page
hack Man page
help Man page
help2flatdoc Man page
\%!in\% Man page
index Man page
\%in.range\% Man page
install.pkg Man page
\%is.a\% Man page
\\% Man page
is.dir Man page
isF Man page
\%is.not.a\% Man page
\\% Man page
isT Man page
legal.filename Man page
load.refdb Man page
localfuncs Man page
local.on.exit Man page
local.return Man page
lsall Man page
lsize Man page
maintain.packages Man page
make.arguments.section Man page
make.NAMESPACE Man page
make.usage.section Man page
masked Man page
masking Man page
massrep Man page
\%matching\% Man page
mcachees Man page
mcut Man page
mintcut Man page
mkdir Man page
mlazy Man page
mlocal Man page
most.recent Man page
move Man page
mtidy Man page
multinsert Man page
multirep Man page
mvb.eval.parent Man page Man page
mvb.nargs Man page
mvb.parent.frame Man page Man page
mvb.sys.function Man page
mvb.sys.nframe Man page
mvb.sys.parent Man page
mvbutils Man page
mvbutils.operators Man page
mvbutils-package Man page Man page
mvbutils.utils Man page
my.all.equal Man page
my.index Man page
my.index.assign Man page
my.index.exists Man page
named Man page
\\% Man page
nscat Man page
nscatn Man page
option.or.default Man page
patch.install Man page
patch.installed Man page
\%perling\% Man page
plot.cdtree Man page
plot.foodweb Man page
pos Man page
pre.install Man page
pre.install.hook... Man page
print Man page Man page Man page
print.default Man page
print.function Man page
print.specialprint Man page Man page
rbdf Man page
rbind Man page Man page
read.bkind Man page
readLines.mvb Man page
readr Man page
remove.from.package Man page
returnList Man page
rm.pkg Man page
safe.rbind Man page
Save Man page
Save.pos Man page
scatn Man page
search.for.regexpr Man page
search.task.trees Man page
set.presave.hook.mvb Man page
set.rcmd.vars Man page
setup.mcache Man page
source.mvb Man page
spkg Man page
strip.missing Man page
\%such.that\% Man page
\%SUCH.THAT\% Man page
task.home Man page
\\% Man page
\%that.dont.match\% Man page
\%that.match\% Man page
to.regexpr Man page
unmaintain.package Man page
unpackage Man page
\%upto\% Man page
warn.and.subset Man page
\%where\% Man page
\%where.warn\% Man page
\\% Man page
write.NAMESPACE Man page
write.sourceable.function Man page Man page


mvbutils/man/write.sourceable.function.Rd mvbutils/man/warn.and.subset.Rd mvbutils/man/unpackage.Rd mvbutils/man/task.home.Rd mvbutils/man/strip.missing.Rd mvbutils/man/source.mvb.Rd mvbutils/man/setup.mcache.Rd mvbutils/man/set.presave.hook.mvb.Rd mvbutils/man/search.task.trees.Rd mvbutils/man/search.for.regexpr.Rd mvbutils/man/rm.pkg.Rd mvbutils/man/readLines.mvb.Rd mvbutils/man/rbdf.Rd mvbutils/man/print.Rd mvbutils/man/pre.install.Rd mvbutils/man/my.index.Rd mvbutils/man/mvbutils.utils.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/mvbutils.operators.Rd mvbutils/man/mvb.sys.parent.Rd mvbutils/man/multirep.Rd mvbutils/man/move.Rd mvbutils/man/mlocal.Rd mvbutils/man/mlazy.Rd mvbutils/man/mcut.Rd mvbutils/man/make.usage.section.Rd mvbutils/man/make.NAMESPACE.Rd mvbutils/man/maintain.packages.Rd mvbutils/man/lsize.Rd mvbutils/man/localfuncs.Rd mvbutils/man/local.return.Rd mvbutils/man/local.on.exit.Rd mvbutils/man/load.refdb.Rd mvbutils/man/install.pkg.Rd mvbutils/man/help2flatdoc.Rd mvbutils/man/help.Rd mvbutils/man/hack.Rd mvbutils/man/get.backup.Rd mvbutils/man/full.path.Rd mvbutils/man/foodweb.Rd mvbutils/man/flatdoc.Rd mvbutils/man/fixr.Rd mvbutils/man/fix.order.Rd mvbutils/man/find.documented.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/extract.named.Rd mvbutils/man/dont.lockBindings.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/dochelp.Rd mvbutils/man/doc2Rd.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/ditto.list.Rd mvbutils/man/changed.funs.Rd mvbutils/man/cdprompt.Rd mvbutils/man/cdfind.Rd mvbutils/man/cd.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/Save.Rd mvbutils/man/00mvbutils-package.Rd

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