mvbutils: Workspace organization, code and documentation editing, package prep and editing, etc.

Hierarchical workspace tree, code editing and backup, easy package prep, editing of packages while loaded, per-object lazy-loading, easy documentation, macro functions, and miscellaneous utilities. Needed by debug package.

AuthorMark V. Bravington <>
Date of publication2013-04-17 08:24:18
MaintainerMark V. Bravington <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

00mvbutils-package: How to use the mvbutils package Skeletal flat-format documentation

cd: Organizing R workspaces

cdfind: Hierarchy-crawling functions for cd-organized workspaces

cdprompt: Support routine for cd-organized workspace hierarchy.

changed.funs: Show functions and callees in environment 'egood' that have...

ditto.list: Shorthand filler-inner for lists

doc2Rd: Converts plain-text documentation to Rd format

dochelp: Documentation (informal help) Modify a function's scope

dont.lockBindings: Helper for live-editing of packages Prevent sealing of a namespace, to facilitate package...

extract.named: Create variables from corresponding named list elements Read in fixed-width files quickly

find.documented: Support for flat-format documentation

fix.order: Shows functions sorted by date of edit

fixr: Editing functions, text objects, and scriptlets

flatdoc: Flat-format documentation

foodweb: Shows which functions call what

full.path: Expand relative file path

get.backup: Text backups of function source code

hack: Modify standard R functions, including tweaking their default...

help: The R help system

help2flatdoc: Convert help files to flatdoc format.

install.pkg: Package building, distributing, and checking

load.refdb: Cacheing objects for lazy-load access

localfuncs: "Declare" child functions, allowing much tidier code

local.on.exit: Macro-like functions

local.return: Macro-like functions

lsize: Report objects and their memory sizes

maintain.packages: Set up task package for live editing

make.NAMESPACE: Auto-create a NAMESPACE file

make.usage.section: Construct sections of documentation

mcut: Put reals and integers into specified bins, returning...

mlazy: Cacheing objects for lazy-load access

mlocal: Macro-like functions

move: Organizing R workspaces

multirep: Replacement and insertion functions with more/less than 1...

mvb.sys.parent: Functions to Access the Function Call Stack

mvbutils.operators: Utility operators How to create & maintain packages with mvbutils

mvbutils.utils: Miscellaneous utilities

my.index: Arbitrary-level retrieval from and modification of recursive...

pre.install: Update a source and/or installed package from a task package

print: Print values

rbdf: rbind Concatenate data frames by row, keeping any zero-row...

readLines.mvb: Read text lines from a connection

rm.pkg: Remove object(s) from maintained package

Save: Save R objects

search.for.regexpr: Find functions/objects/flatdoc-documentation containing a...

search.task.trees: Locate loaded tasks on search path.

set.presave.hook.mvb: Do something-or-other

setup.mcache: Cacheing objects for lazy-load access

source.mvb: Read R code and data from a file or connection

strip.missing: Exclude "missing" objects

task.home: Organizing R workspaces

unpackage: Convert existing source package into task package

warn.and.subset: Extract subset and warn about omitted cases

write.sourceable.function: Sourceable code for functions (and more) with flat-format...

Files in this package

mvbutils/man/write.sourceable.function.Rd mvbutils/man/warn.and.subset.Rd mvbutils/man/unpackage.Rd mvbutils/man/task.home.Rd mvbutils/man/strip.missing.Rd mvbutils/man/source.mvb.Rd mvbutils/man/setup.mcache.Rd mvbutils/man/set.presave.hook.mvb.Rd mvbutils/man/search.task.trees.Rd mvbutils/man/search.for.regexpr.Rd mvbutils/man/rm.pkg.Rd mvbutils/man/readLines.mvb.Rd mvbutils/man/rbdf.Rd mvbutils/man/print.Rd mvbutils/man/pre.install.Rd mvbutils/man/my.index.Rd mvbutils/man/mvbutils.utils.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/mvbutils.operators.Rd mvbutils/man/mvb.sys.parent.Rd mvbutils/man/multirep.Rd mvbutils/man/move.Rd mvbutils/man/mlocal.Rd mvbutils/man/mlazy.Rd mvbutils/man/mcut.Rd mvbutils/man/make.usage.section.Rd mvbutils/man/make.NAMESPACE.Rd mvbutils/man/maintain.packages.Rd mvbutils/man/lsize.Rd mvbutils/man/localfuncs.Rd mvbutils/man/local.return.Rd mvbutils/man/local.on.exit.Rd mvbutils/man/load.refdb.Rd mvbutils/man/install.pkg.Rd mvbutils/man/help2flatdoc.Rd mvbutils/man/help.Rd mvbutils/man/hack.Rd mvbutils/man/get.backup.Rd mvbutils/man/full.path.Rd mvbutils/man/foodweb.Rd mvbutils/man/flatdoc.Rd mvbutils/man/fixr.Rd mvbutils/man/fix.order.Rd mvbutils/man/find.documented.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/extract.named.Rd mvbutils/man/dont.lockBindings.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/dochelp.Rd mvbutils/man/doc2Rd.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/ditto.list.Rd mvbutils/man/changed.funs.Rd mvbutils/man/cdprompt.Rd mvbutils/man/cdfind.Rd mvbutils/man/cd.Rd mvbutils/man/ mvbutils/man/Save.Rd mvbutils/man/00mvbutils-package.Rd

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