Man pages for mvbutils
Workspace Organization, Code and Documentation Editing, Package Prep and Editing, Etc

00mvbutils-packageHow to use the mvbutils package
add.flatdoc.toSkeletal flat-format documentation
cdOrganizing R workspaces
cdfindHierarchy-crawling functions for cd-organized workspaces
cdpromptSupport routine for cd-organized workspace hierarchy.
changed.funsShow functions and callees in environment 'egood' that have...
check.patch.versionsCheck consistency of maintained package versions
ditto.listShorthand filler-inner for lists
doc2RdConverts plain-text documentation to Rd format
dochelpDocumentation (informal help) a function's scope
dont.lockBindingsHelper for live-editing of packages
dont.lock.mePrevent sealing of a namespace, to facilitate package...
do.onEasier sapply/lapply avoiding explicit function
extract.namedCreate variables from corresponding named list elements in fixed-width files quickly
find.documentedSupport for flat-format documentation
fix.orderShows functions sorted by date of edit
fixrEditing functions, text objects, and scriptlets
flatdocFlat-format documentation
foodwebShows which functions call what
full.pathExpand relative file path
generic.dll.loaderConvenient automated loading of DLLs
get.backupText backups of function source code
hackModify standard R functions, including tweaking their default...
helpThe R help system
help2flatdocConvert help files to flatdoc format.
install.pkgPackage building, distributing, and checking
library.dynam.regAuto-registration and loading of dynamic library
load.refdbCacheing objects for lazy-load access
localfuncs"Declare" child functions, allowing much tidier code
local.on.exitMacro-like functions
local.returnMacro-like functions
lsizeReport objects and their memory sizes
maintain.packagesSet up task package for live editing
make_dullHide dull columns in data frames
make.NAMESPACEAuto-create a NAMESPACE file
make.usage.sectionConstruct sections of documentation
max_pkg_verMax package version
mcutPut reals and integers into specified bins, returning...
mlazyCacheing objects for lazy-load access
mlocalMacro-like functions
moveOrganizing R workspaces
multirepReplacement and insertion functions with more/less than 1...
mvb.sys.parentFunctions to Access the Function Call Stack
mvbutils.operatorsUtility operators
mvbutils.packaging.toolsHow to create & maintain packages with mvbutils
mvbutils.utilsMiscellaneous utilities
my.indexArbitrary-level retrieval from and modification of recursive...
NEGGenerate a negated version of your function. Useful for...
noicePrints a call object nicely
pre.installUpdate a source and/or installed package from a task package
printPrint values
rbdfData frames: better behaviour with zero-length cases
readLines.mvbRead text lines from a connection
rm.pkgRemove object(s) from maintained package
SaveSave R objects
search.for.regexprFind functions/objects/flatdoc-documentation containing a...
search.task.treesLocate loaded tasks on search path.
set.finalizerObsolete but automatic finalization for persistent objects...
set.presave.hook.mvbDo something-or-other
setup.mcacheCacheing objects for lazy-load access
sleuthGeneralized version of find
source.mvbRead R code and data from a file or connection
strip.missingExclude "missing" objects
task.homeOrganizing R workspaces
unpackageConvert existing source package into task package
warn.and.subsetExtract subset and warn about omitted cases
write.sourceable.functionSourceable code for functions (and more) with flat-format...
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