data_mvord: Simulated credit ratings

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A simulated data set where three different raters (rater1, rater2 and rater3) assign ordinal ratings on different firms. rater3 uses a different rating scale compared to rater1 and rater2, i.e., the number of threshold categories is different. For each firm we simulate five different covariates X1, ..., X5 from a standard normal distribution. Additionally, each firm is randomly assigned to a business sector (sector X, Y or Z), captured by the covariate X6. Furthermore, we simulate multivariate normally distributed errors. For a given set of parameters we obtain the three rating variables for each firm by slotting the latent scores according to the corresponding threshold parameters. The IDs for each subject i of the n = 1000 firms are stored in the column firm_id. The IDs of the raters are stored in the column rater_id. The ordinal ratings are provided in the column rating and all the covariates in the remaining columns. Overall, the data set has 3000 rows, for each of the n = 1000 firms it has three rating observations.




A data frame with 3000 rows and 9 variables


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