Man pages for naniar
Data Structures, Summaries, and Visualisations for Missing Data

add_any_missAdd a column describing presence of any missing values
add_label_missingsAdd a column describing if there are any missings in the...
add_label_shadowAdd a column describing whether there is a shadow
add_n_missAdd column containing number of missing data values
add_prop_missAdd column containing proportion of missing data values
add_shadowAdd a shadow column to dataframe
add_shadow_shiftAdd a shadow shifted column to a dataset
add_span_counterAdd a counter variable for a span of dataframe
all_row_completeHelper function to determine whether all rows are complete
all_row_missHelper function to determine whether all rows are missing
any_row_missHelper function to determine whether there are any missings
as_shadowCreate shadows shadow data
bind_shadowBind a shadow dataframe to original data
cast_shadowAdd a shadow column to a dataset
cast_shadow_shiftAdd a shadow and a shadow_shift column to a dataset
cast_shadow_shift_labelAdd a shadow column and a shadow shifted column to a dataset
draw_keyKey drawing functions
gather_shadowLong form representation of a shadow matrix
gg_miss_casePlot the number of missings per case (row)
gg_miss_case_cumsumPlot of cumulative sum of missing for cases
gg_miss_fctPlot the number of missings for each variable, broken down by...
gg_miss_spanPlot the number of missings in a given repeating span
gg_miss_varPlot the number of missings for each variable
gg_miss_var_cumsumPlot of cumulative sum of missing value for each variable
gg_miss_whichPlot which variables contain a missing value
group_by_funGroup By Helper
label_miss_1dLabel a missing from one column
label_missingsIs there a missing value in the row of a dataframe?
label_shadowLabel shadow values as missing or not missing
label_shadow_matrixGive NAs a more meaningful label
miss_case_cumsumSummarise the missingness in each case
miss_case_pctPercentage of cases that contain a missing values.
miss_case_propProportion of cases that contain a missing values.
miss_case_summarySummarise the missingness in each case
miss_case_tableTabulate missings in cases.
miss_prop_summaryProportions of missings in data, variables, and cases.
miss_summaryCollate summary measures from naniar into one tibble
miss_var_cumsumCumulative sum of the number of missings in each variable
miss_var_pctPercentage of variables containing missings
miss_var_propProportion of variables containing missings
miss_var_runFind the number of missing and complete values in a single...
miss_var_spanSummarise the number of missings for a given repeating span...
miss_var_summarySummarise the missingness in each variable
miss_var_tableTabulate the missings in the variables
n_completeReturn the number of complete values
n_missReturn the number of missing values
oceanbuoysWest Pacific Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Data, 1993 & 1997.
pct_completeReturn the percent of complete values
pct_missReturn the percent of missing values
pedestrianPedestrian count information around Melbourne for 2016
prop_completeReturn the proportion of complete values
prop_missReturn the proportion of missing values
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
replace_to_naReplace values with missings
riskfactorsThe Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Survey...
shadow_shiftShift missing values to facilitate missing data...
test_if_dataframeTest if input is a data.frame
test_if_missingTest if the input is Missing
test_if_nullTest if the input is NULL
where_naWhich rows and cols contain missings?
which_naWhich elements contain missings?
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